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  1. If I get at least 8 people to post here saying they are interested, I will set something up.
  2. Hey if you’re serious about starting up some RL events again I would love to sit down and chat with you about it. Just let me know.
  3. Not going to lie, I did not know this, now I do lol. Thanks! I appreciate the vote of confidence but that was completely by chance. 😂
  4. Real talk? I'm willing to personally fund that prize if we have enough people to start a league. I would take small donations towards the cost though lol.
  5. Hey everybody! Is there any interest in a fantasy football league for vVv community members? We could do paid or free. If you are interested, post here with what requests you might have for the league. Paid or free? What site? How many team? Special requests (Smaller bench, "Vampire" mode, etc.)? Let me know! I would be super excited to do this. Edit: Running count of players for my sanity: 4
  6. I really like the R301, Alternator, G7 Scout, Spitfire, Longbow, Wingman. I'll really take any of those tbh lol.
  7. Rumble is definitely my favorite lol. I play on Xbox, I just sent you a friend request. :] If we play one of us will probably have to deal with some dumb lag, but I am down to play when you want to. :]
  8. Welcome Stefan! I hope you enjoy your time with the community! If you have any questions please feel free to ask. What’s your favorite game mode in Rocket League?
  9. Yeah bro I barely ever play on PC. The only game I currently play on PC is SMITE, and I have to be somewhat dragged into that lol.
  10. I will play pretty much anything. If you want me to excel while we play, RL or Monster Hunter lol. If you don’t mind ~decent~ teammates in Apex or CoD I’m totally in. If you see me online hit me up and we can play whatever.
  11. I still owe you some games bro! What do you wanna play and when?
  12. Good luck on the application! We will have to get some Apex in or something soon! I think I read in your intro post that you have XBL, feel free to add me (vVv Minjaaa) and let’s play soon! :3
  13. Hey welcome to the community man! Looking forward to getting some games in with you!
  14. I had fun, I’m looking forward to playing more.
  15. Hey you guys should re-teach me everything about destiny. I haven’t played in forever but I’m interested if we have a group thing going on here!

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