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  1. Glad to have you around man! Make sure you're active on the forums and discord like you have been. It was great playing in the customs lobby with you and the others today! Let's get some more of that going! :]
  2. Good to have you here man, I hope we can get some games in soon! Thank you for your service.
  3. I own it but I haven’t played since I tried to play Reach and it wouldn’t load past the menu lol.
  4. Well hey man thanks for coming back, it's good to see you! I see you joined the discord server, make sure you're active on there to engage with the rest of us. Let us know if you have any questions! :]
  5. I fully support Yo5h getting the V's. He's been one of the most consistent community members I have seen, and he's always a pleasure to play with no matter the game. Thanks for joining the community man!
  6. Welcome back man! You know the ropes, seen plenty of activity so far. Keep it up!
  7. Welcome man! Like the others have said, let us know if you have any questions! just wanting to double check, you’re username on discord is tj also correct?
  8. I really like what I’ve seen already! Very active in discord and with the gears community. Keep it up man, you’re doing great! On a different note, is there anything we can improve on to make your time in the community more enjoyable?
  9. Welcome to the community man, glad to see you apply! Have you joined our discord server yet?
  10. Welcome to the community Ronin! How long have you been playing Rocket League? What's your favorite game mode? Hope to get some game with you soon!
  11. I voted A. It was really close between that and C. for the OG ❤️
  12. Tragic 😧 If you're ever looking to give it another shot let me know. It's nowhere near as enjoyable as it should be solo. :]
  13. Agh put on the spot lol. I’ve been kicking the idea around for a minute, just waiting for the right spur of motivation and inspiration lol.
  14. Definitely gonna have to catch you on RL soon. If you’re open to other games.... ever played Monster Hunter: World?
  15. vVv Minjaaa

    Howdy yall

    Glad to have you back man! LJ has that effect on a lot of people lol.

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