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  1. Thanks so much for posting this! I’ve barely played, but when I do I’ll be right back here figuring out what to use. 😂
  2. Welcome to vVv! Definitely hype to see another Monster Hunter player here! What platform do you play it on?
  3. Congrats guys, and thank you for stepping up! Looking forward to the future!
  4. Twitter - https://twitter.com/vVv_Minjaaa Mixer - https://mixer.com/Minjaaa Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/vvv_minjaaa
  5. I really appreciate the effort and organization that went into this post. I’m really satisfied with how you’ve laid out your views. If you’re willing to take on the job I think you’ll do excellent. Chop chop 2020 babyyyy!
  6. Already chatted in the discord, but welcome back and glad to have ya. Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions. What games do you currently like to play?
  7. Welcome back man! I saw you’re already in the discord, hope to see you around more often!
  8. Welcome Kasey! If you haven't already check out our discord server. Should make it a little easier to find some games. :] EDIT: You already did. Leaving this here because I'm a goof and I know it. :]
  9. vVv Minjaaa

    Teej application

    Glad to see you apply man! Good luck and I hope to see you around!
  10. I'll be picking up the Xbox first for sure. I've always been primarily a console gamer, and I prefer Xbox over Playstation currently. PS5 won't bee too far behind though lol.
  11. One thousand times yes!!! I'm super excited to have you back. If he's not in I'm out! Lol
  12. I’m excited to see what happens here! Let’s be sure to also know whatever events our guys are participating in so we can support!

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