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  1. Custom Robo for the GameCube. I legit purchased a GameCube last month just to play it again, it’s one of my all time favorite games.
  2. Man I want to play beat saber so bad! Rhythm games are my favorite! Welcome to the community, I’ve seen you super active in discord already so I’m excited about that!
  3. I'm down to chip in some for the prize pool, just let me know. Love the idea!
  4. Welcome back! Like everybody said, make sure you check out the discord server. Basically the new and improved Shoutbox lol. If you don't mind me asking, was there a particular thing or event that sparked your interest in coming back here? For me it was a "memories" post on Facebook lol.
  5. Man I was pretty garbage at it, but I normally played tank when I did play. I still have it installed, so if you catch me on a day I'm feeling it I will play!
  6. Man it really depends. I grew up on Pokemon, Smash Bros, Custom Robo, a whole bunch of stuff. I think Pokemon got me started gaming, Halo 2 is when I really started getting into playing against other people, and DJ Hero was my peak competitive game lol. Sadly I missed the vVv tournament, but I was always chasing leaderboard scores on Xbox. Really great topic, I love the question! Props to you!
  7. It's not really that hard, won't feel like much effort at all if you're interested in being here! What I did to help out when I first got back was to mark everything as read, that was I wasn't combing through old conversations. Create a couple topics of your own of stuff you want to talk to the community about, and reply to new stuff as it pops up! We got a nice update from Exo and we are getting close to going live with some new merch, and that's some of the value these forums still provide. :] I'd hate to see somebody interesting in joining the community walk away. We should get some RL games in soon! :]
  8. Did we finalize designs and colors and whatnot? I'm definitely interested but would like to see what kind of options we have first. :]
  9. Well let me phrase it this way. I’ve never competed in Gears before because I never played it frequently enough to git gud. If I play this one more and am good enough to do so, then I would compete. I’m definitely excited to play with everybody, but MH is my favorite series ever (DJ Hero being a close second) so it will pull my time lol.
  10. Still only at 4. I would like to keep it vVv community only (not members only, applicants and friends are allowed to) but I would like to see them post here they are interested. If we cant get another four in the next few days we can scrap the idea until next year or something lol.
  11. I will be playing exclusively casually lol. Iceborne DLC for Monster Hunter drops the same day and that’s my main focus. So you’ll see me a little less but I’ll definitely play.
  12. vVv Minjaaa


    That's a hard question to answer dude.
  13. I'm digging the confidence man. Always good to see returning members. Hope to see you around more!
  14. Welcome to the community Ryan! I like the activity I have seen from you so far, keep it up! Do you like to play any games outside of the CoD series? :]
  15. If I get at least 8 people to post here saying they are interested, I will set something up.

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