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  1. Welcome back! There’s quite a few of us returning recently haha.
  2. Ooooo AoT is reeeaaaalllyyyy good. I cannot wait for the anime to catch up with the manga. That story gets insane and even more brutal.
  3. Welcome back, and good luck on your application bro! Let me know when you want to get some games in or go bowling since we are so close! Lol
  4. On Hulu me and my wife absolutely love Letterkenney. That show is so ridiculous and amazing lol. On Netflix we just watch a lot on Anime and random Horror stuff.
  5. I’ll have to sit this one out, not buying CoD twice lol. But hell yeah CGN! I’ll definitely drop in the stream!
  6. So somehow I missed this, but there will be two beta periods for Monster Hunter: World Iceborne exclusive to PS4 players. You do not need to own the game to play the beta for Iceborne. Looks like I will be playing on PS4 for a few days lol. Who wants to join me? https://www.polygon.com/2019/6/18/18683675/monster-hunter-world-iceborne-ps4-beta-dates-requirements
  7. I feel you, I’m just a fan of the alliteration of it lol.
  8. If we want to move away from using vision, valor, victory how about something along the lines of connect, captivate, compete? Connect to a new and exciting community, captivate our audience and community members with engaging activities and dialogue, and compete with the best of the best. This kind of hits both points of being more community focused while also still playing to the point that we are still a competitive community.
  9. #1 - Lifeline. I love being a support type in a game like this so it’s a lot of fun. #2 - Pathfinder. Zipping around the map is just too fun. In a game that I already really enjoy the movement mechanics, Pathfinder takes that enjoyment to the next level. #3 - Bloodhound. He was the first champion I played with so that holds a special place. I need to work on him though, I feel like I still lack the right timing for using his abilities lol.
  10. What’s the possibility of using the official vVv stream channels to host various members? Ideally we could have vVv streams going 24/7 if we had a streaming schedule in place and enough people to fill it. That way there is always (or almost always) a vVv stream going that members, applicants, and community members in general can jump in and interact with each other.
  11. That’s perfect for me! Xbox is easier but I can do discord if you would prefer.
  12. I haven’t played on PS4 for a while, but I will if we have people over there. it used to be my primary, but my friend group got too busy so my focus shifted to Xbox. I’ll probably still scoop Iceborne for both. If you’re really itching to play before then let me know and I’ll dust off the PS4 controller.
  13. I think you guys should get some games in on stream soon so I can check it out.
  14. Awesome, thanks! I’m generally available every weekday after 7PM EST and weekends are super free unless otherwise stated.
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