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  1. Terribly! I actually have been straying away from ranked recently because I would rather not deal with the toxicity while I get readjusted to school just starting back up, but I have been doing plenty of draft mode normals to stay as fresh as I can be.
  2. It may be much, much closer to me considering I live in Ohio, but good lord the lag spikes are unbelievably annoying. I'd rather play on the consistent 60-80 ping with no lag problems when it was in LA than deal with the 30-600 ping that spikes every few minutes.
  4. It was a hell of a lot easier in Bronze to carry so hard that your team HAS to listen to you, because at least not every person on my team except my friend and I would feed and give up.
  5. I guess I'm trying to figure out how to keep the team sane so more teamwork can ACTUALLY happen so people aren't screaming at each other. That's the only chance I'll have at getting out of Silver I feel like.
  6. For some reason, now that I'm actually not toxic like I used to be, the toxicity in my teammates is getting worse along with the amount of people who AFK or intentionally feed in my games as I try to climb my way out of Silver. Is there some kind of secret I'm not getting? How do you get your teammates to stop bitching at each other and get them to work as a team and not feed? EDIT: I should say beforehand that I have been duoing with my good friend and one of us always jungles to try and cut down to a possible max. of 3 trolls on our team, but it always happens anyways.
  7. That's a solid question. Some call me the rage tweeter, others call me the king of chicken parm.
  8. So far that's the only instance that I have come across with Fiora dashing into/over any kind of snare, and she completely avoided getting caught by the chompers.
  9. Thanks! Trying to focus on what you can do for your team and remaining positive is the route I've been taking.
  10. My play style will change (usually) depending on matchups and what I find most effective. I didn't find myself changing it every time I noticed a mistake that I made on the replays, but I did find myself adapting and frequently making less errors.
  11. Had no idea this happened, but thankfully it's in the past and we can now focus on moving forward and gear up for the future of vVv Gaming
  12. They should definitely fix her Riposte. Her ult is meh but her Riposte? That's what makes her broken lol. The only thing I truly want fixed is the many bugs I'm finding with her :/
  13. Holy what? Welcome back Kenny! Dude really busted his ass when he used to be in vVv. Best of luck to you.
  14. Sorry, I should have stated that they were already on the ground and set before she lunged.
  15. So I finally got to play against the new Fiora today, and apparently she is able to consistently Lunge over Jinx's chompers. Uhh...? Anybody else notice anything buggy about her? Or am I just an idiot

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