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    I can finally use the Shoutbox
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    Glenn Dale, MD
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    COD2 MW, Gears of War 2
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    Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Italian
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    Fight Club, V for Vendetta
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    Gorillaz, Pink Floyd
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    my daughter, gaming, my education, music, traveling, my friends
  1. Thx for the add hun!

  2. ya- I only get on here every so often- sorry that I'm just now seeing your profile comment!

  3. That's wassup! MD!

  4. Aight Rust3d! I see ya!! :D

  5. yeaaaa maryland...annapolis/westminster here :D

  6. I see. Welcome to the community.

  7. Hey there DC! Maybe I'll see you around. :)

  8. lmao zep. That's a bet. :D Hearts, i hear ya man. i see you've "hopped aboard" ;)

  9. Sounds fair. Can't wait to see you kick my ass in Call of Duty.

  10. Nuffin much just relaxin on Gears and enjoying this sunday.

  11. Will do~ As soon as I get my live acct back up and running.

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