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  1. canadian gaming!

  2. yeah RIFT WOOHOO lol. I need to start playing it again, was fun in the beta.

  3. Ty Kristin ! Thumb up for Canadian's gamers ! :)

  4. Hey you! <3

    Where have we both been? Sheesh I miss the good ol' days! :P

    Going to be around later today? Maybe I'll be on Rift/Mumble!

  5. Hey fellow Canadian! Cheers!

  6. Offraiding this weekend was AWESOME! Back is sore today though... Need a backrub!!

    1. Schirmy


      relent will give you one

    2. Martini


      oh ffs. xD *dies*

  7. Monday = Rift night!

  8. Hey Kristin ! <3

  9. Damn working late tonight :(

  10. RIFT!! Woo hoo!! :D

  11. Hey Milkyy!! <3

    I've been working all week and then with the boyfriend on the weekend. I come on Mumble but no one is ever there or talks to me... :(

    I work late tonight so I dunno if I'll get on but ya, miss ya dude! How are things?

  12. Hey!!

    What you up too?

  13. I can't helpss itt...

  14. icucreepingonmypage.

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