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  1. Diamond 1, dayum. Glad to see GoW players still representing. Good luck with the app and the dream Metaphor
  2. I just so happened to log on to my Google+ account for the first time in a year and see this post shared to me by Jerry and I must say, I'm thankful Google+ popped in to my mind at that random moment. So much in this article is incredibly true and I'm glad to have seen this all unfold from the very beginning as well. I think vVv Gaming has served many different roles over the past six+ years but it's safe to say it's role is well-defined now. Best of luck to you RobZGod, former montage editor/semi-pro GoW player/YouTube commentator/community manager. It's been a long ride but you finally found your calling. Keep chasing your dreams and do great things in California. love ya man also, hopefully this serves a purpose for you in more ways than one - a quote I'm sure you've heard before: "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." Good luck in LA!
  3. Obviously the organization, culture, and environment is much different now, but you better fucking bet that never in the world will I forget the first ever vVv Gaming Family pizza dinner at Meadowlands 2007, that's definitely a memory I'll hold on to forever. Regardless of the up's and down's as it relates to vVv Gaming's relationship with the GoW community, no one can argue that vVv didn't create a ridiculous amount of memories for hundreds of kids around the country, whether it be online or at events. So many good times and good memories, thanks for everything you created for not only myself but hundreds of others. PS- For some reason I was trying so hard to think of the names of the oldest vVv members from back in the GoW1 days when we had like six vVv GoW teams, and couldn't remember any. Someone help?
  4. Fallout

    Reckless app

    Definitely approve of Reckless joining the fam. I just recently got to know him on more of a personal level and I definitely feel like he fits into vVv and our values very well. He's been doing a helluva lot for the community the past few weeks and he's also a great player and teammate. He's very passionate and forward-thinking and I definitely feel like he'd be a great candidate to join vVv. Best of luck to you Justin
  5. So jealous I won't be able to make this, not only does this sound like a blast but The Pit is an amazing restaurant they have one in Chicago right by my Grandparents house. TO ANYONE GOING: Try out the Souvlaki (its traditionally a Greek dish, my favorite meal of all time. Kinda like a shishkebob but much better. it's soooo good
  6. Amazing, simply amazing. While I didn't witness all the greatness that occurred this weekend, hearing of it, and seeing the buzz on twitter gets me really excited for the future and what there is to come. Personally, I love all of that fruitful, corny, high-spirited and success story stuff. I'm possibly the cheesiest guy you'll ever meet, so hearing stuff like the level of respect Koreans have, and this success story of vVv Reo gets me jittery inside. Really glad to be fortunate enough to represent vVv, especially with all the great things to come. <3 you all, and let's kick some ass in the future guys
  7. Just started up the live stream, getting setup and doing a quick intro for the night before we start playin www.twitch.tv/falloutt - tune in

  8. basketball with some friends, helping a buddy move out, then taking the gf on a nice dinner and video games date. we'll be streaming tonight

  9. Just got done scrimming, doing a live Q&A on the stream right now - come ask questions and I'll answer 100% truthfully http://t.co/A39r5cw

  10. Was able to watch the last one against Prime, so intense and fun to watch! Look forward to promoting this and watching more of it in the future. Wednesday night SC >
  11. Really great read, particularly the interview portion and the facebook portion, both things I personally don't necessarily utilize. Never realized of the importance of interviews until reading this. I've always done VLogs, streams, twitter, etc. but never really emphasized interviews specifically. Kinda tough to come by being a "former gears of war professional" though. anyways, this definitely helped in learning how to better myself as a marketable figure rather than just a gamer (even though I know this was directly targeting vVv members, but whatevs). thanks for a great read jerry
  12. incredibly busy week between gaming and it being initiation week for the fraternity. life sucks right now

    1. Chidori
    2. vVv Nero

      vVv Nero

      What fraternity did you join?

  13. they're not going to Dallas, pussylips learn how2readnub
  14. we played absolutely amazing tonight. 2 more days of practice like that and there's no way we're losing.

    1. Cheese (former vVv)

      Cheese (former vVv)

      Good to hear, see you this weekend.

  15. officially decided: vVv needs to install a like feature for statuses

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