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    Muhdewsa got a reaction from vVv Tahvvy in ShiroSan's Application   
    Oh hi, I briefly crossed paths with you while you were bein all sassy. I like to be sassy too. Wow, we have so much in common.
    Okay, bye.
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    Muhdewsa got a reaction from Junior[MX] in [Misc] Junior[MX]'s Application   
    Closed, I sent you a message on Facebook with details about this decision. Feel free to message me either there or on here if you have any questions.
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    Muhdewsa got a reaction from Zeeb in ADL Season 8 Details Thread   

    It's ADL time again! We're excited to announce that Season 8 starts February 19th and we will be playing every Sunday and Friday at 9pm EST (6pm PST). Once again, we've made some changes to this season but I think this will make everyone much happier! Let's just say that the theme of this season is SIMPLE!... literally. Things were just getting too complicated for everyone involved and it was sometimes hard to understand what was happening and why. Now everything will be easier for everyone! Jump past the Quick Info to get the summary of the changes!!

    How the Amateur Draft League works (read if you're new!): Show up in TeamSpeak a little before 9pm EST on Sunday or Friday (about 10-15 minutes works). Once in TeamSpeak, right click your name, click "Change Description", enter your Summoner Name, Solo Q Rank, and the Top 3 positions that you would like to play (or a position you absolutely cannot play), then "OK". You will move into the channel that correlates with your current Solo Q rank under Skill Sorting Hat (if you're currently unranked, go based off of what you were last season). The highest ranked players that show up that night are deemed team captain for THAT NIGHT ONLY. Team Captains will begin drafting their team out of the remaining players (dodge-ball style picking, pick order is under rules). People who are picked will be automatically moved into their team's channel. Once teams are drafted, you will play a total of TWO GAMES. After a game, the winners of the match will move into the same channel as the opposing team for a feedback session. Each game is against a DIFFERENT TEAM. Once you're done with BOTH games and your feedback sessions, you're welcome to leave, start inhouses, find someone to Duo Q with, etc. You can attend any night you want; you're not required to follow any type of schedule. If you show up to play, you must play both of your games. All you have to do to play is show up, you don't have to sign up anywhere or do anything beforehand. You must be level 30 and have at least 16 champions (NA only). There is no minimum Solo Q rank requirement. Have questions? Hit up vVv Medusa or vVv Organicbear! 
    Quick Info:
    TeamSpeak Server: ts65.gameservers.com:9222 (NO PASSWORD)
    Click Here to Learn How to set up TeamSpeak
    Start Time: 9 PM EST/6 PM PST every Friday and Sunday

    Changes based on your suggestions:
    Scoring system moved from a complex ELO system to a simplified Win-Percentage-based system. One of the things you guys asked for was for us to simplify the scoring system. The ELO system was confusing and made it so it was difficult to understand what was happening with your scores since everything was calculated behind the scenes. As a result, this season we'll be moving back to a spreadsheet system and simplifying the scoring system to Win/Loss percentage. Your score will be displayed in a simple google docs spreadsheet so that you can look it up easily and see all the math involved in calculating your score. Adding an attendance-based bonus to remove the "hidden penalty" of showing up more often and having a lower win rate than someone who shows up a few times and has a win streak Additionally, you guys said that you didn't like that someone could come in at the end of the season and get a lucky 8-2 streak and end up placing higher than people who were showing up the majority of the season and doing relatively well. We agree that this is something that should be addressed, and although it's highly unlikely for someone to go on an 8-2 streak based on luck alone, we are adding a bonus multiplier to help those who show up to more games throughout the season. This will remove the unintended penalty for those showing up to more nights and trending toward a 50% winrate and prevent someone from showing up and doing well late in the season to sweep an easy victory, unless it's truly deserved. If you DO manage to go 8-2, you will still end the season with a relatively high win rate, but those who attend more nights and manage to perform at an above average level will still end up with a greater score. We will no longer be having a "Finals Night" to determine our winners; the winners of the ADL season will be determined by the end of the season Win/Loss Percentage after the attendance bonus is factored in. Since we no longer have ADL ELO, we will no longer have the Champion/Challenger Tiers. If we have 40+ people on a night, we will have the highest ranked players do a separate draft from the lower ranked players. This will make drafting go faster as well as help with the "my lane opponent is diamond while I'm in silver" problem. The 20 highest ranked players will be moved into Group A while the other 20 players will be in Group B then drafting will resume as normal. We will have 3 groups if we have 81-120 players. So the maximum a group will ever hold is 40 people. Always be sure to give vVv Organicbear or vVv Medusa any feedback you have! We can always make things better or easier, we just need to be informed that something needs changing! A link to our profiles containing our contact information are at the bottom of this post. Feel free to contact us at any time in any way that is most convenient for you (including chatting on TeamSpeak).
    How to Participate:
    Literally all you have to do is show up! Get into our TeamSpeak BEFORE 9pm EST (10-15 minutes), go into the channel Amateur Draft League, then wait for further instruction!
    NOTE: Anyone can play, regardless of Solo Q rank, as long as you're Level 30 and have at least 16 champions to participate in Custom Tournament Draft.
    Official ADL Rules:
    Please take the time to read and familiarize yourself with the rules! You are expected to know the rules before you join TeamSpeak and participate!!!

    Are you excited about the beginning of Season 8? Should we have made any other changes? Be sure to communicate with us!! If you have questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions, contact Organicbear or Medusa and we'll be more than happy to help you <3 (srsly, with anything at all... except math).
    See you on February 19th at 9pm EST (6pm PST) for the Amateur Draft League!!
    ADL Staff:
    vVv Organicbear
    vVv Medusa
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    Muhdewsa got a reaction from Yui in ADL Season 8?   
    I had some IRL things that delayed the start of the season. Organicbear and I are getting together to discuss some of the changes we'll be making to this season and then I'll have the post up ASAP once we get approved for Riot prizing. I'll be messaging everyone on the LoL client once we do get approved and all that jazz, so don't worry :}
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    Muhdewsa got a reaction from 604 Ronin in It's Been Fun!   
    I'm sad to see you go :{ You should send me a PM and give me a few more details about what exactly it is that doesn't line up with what you want. I'd just like some feedback in general to help making vVv better <3 Good luck in your future endeavors, babe, and thank you for the value you have added.
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    Muhdewsa got a reaction from Cherp in Cherp's vVv Application   
    I would hate to trade nudes with the group of people you listed. Good luck finding strong enough eye bleach! 
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    Muhdewsa got a reaction from Zeeb in Great Resources to Improve Your Game!   
    Hey guys! So, as I'm sure all of you are aware, I play a LOT of League of Legends and I'm very passionate about the competitive side of things. I'm an ADC/Support main but I'm more than happy to play anything besides top. I've always felt like my game knowledge has been better than my actual mechanics. I spend quite a bit of time watching the LCK (basically the Korean LCS), VoDs of tournaments, and educational videos/articles about LoL. I'm actually planning on starting my own blog series for in-depth analysis of certain aspects about League, the pro scene, picks, lane match ups, stuff like that. BUT UNTIL THEN, I have come across a few things that I would like to share with all you lovely people because I feel like these resources aren't very well known around these parts:

    /r/SummonerSchool (link) - This is probably the BESTTTT thing I have ever come across. It contains so much information about everything you could ever want and there are a ton of people of all skills that are very helpful. This subreddit has a verification feature where people can link their League of Legends account to their Reddit Username and shows their rank as their flair, so you know that so-and-so is actually in Diamond rather than just going off of their word. It doesn't automatically update if you get promoted/demoted, so if they set up that feature while they were in Platinum 3, but they got demoted back to Platinum 5, they have to manually update it, but it won't be as crazy as someone whose only account is Level 13 saying they're in Master Tier. Either way, topics range from "How to get off tilt", "Why CS is more important than kills", to tutorials on how to do higher level mechanics such as "Offensive Input Buffering" and "Defensive Input Buffering" (which is SO USEFUL OMG I DIDNT EVEN KNOW THIS WAS A THING!!!!!!!). Seriously, check it out. This subreddit also has a chat room on the LoL client, cleverly called "Summoner School" (who woulda thunk it) where you can ask questions and get immediate replies. They also have a TeamSpeak server (link) for real time conversations as well. Another chat room exists called "SS Customs". This contains people from Summoner School that participate in "High vs Low" games, where people who are Platinum+ play against people who are in Gold and below and give real time feedback. This has been helpful even for me while playing on the High team. Everyone is SO NICE!
      Bodytags (link) - THIS IS THE GUY THAT DID THE INPUT BUFFERING VIDEOS!! His videos are mostly about explaining mechanics and even though he doesn't make a large quantity of videos, they make up in quality!
      unswlolsoc (link) - Guides on basics and why seemingly unimportant things are actually the most important. I especially enjoy his videos about lane management and trading in lane (especially with auto attacks). It's high quality information that usually goes unrecognized by most players when it's two of the biggest contributing factors to a low rank.  
    So there are a few resources that I have found that have some of the highest quality information around! If you know of any other YouTubers, people who write great articles, or anything like that, leave a reply with a link to their content! I would like to avoid people who strictly stream just because it's a very large time commitment for maybe not much information or just they're unable to properly give examples of how to do something (ie you can't teach people how to properly counter jungle and keep vision of the enemy jungle when you're losing so badly that you don't even have control/vision of your own jungle, etc). If a streamer makes YouTube videos in addition to streaming, that's fine, just be sure to link their YouTube channel with their stream.
    green = If you do not know how to join chat rooms on the LoL client, click on the bubbles button between your friends list and notifications, click the folder that has a + next to it, then type in the title of the chat room in the blank box. You can click the gear icon on the top right of the chat room to make it "Autojoin on Startup"
    pink = To get a link on where to download TeamSpeak and a guide on how to set it up, follow this link
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    Muhdewsa got a reaction from vVv LordJerith in ADL Season 7 Details Thread   

    It's that time again, boys and girls! We're proud to announce the Amateur Draft League is returning for its Seventh Season! Since dropping Tuesdays worked well last season, we will continue to be playing every Sunday and Friday at 9pm EST (6pm PST) starting on October 16th and continuing until December 13th. Even though the ADL falls on days that the LoL World Championship is taking place, we will STILL be playing! World Championship games start anywhere between 5-7am EST so we will have plenty of time between then and the beginning of the draft :} Be aware that we moved from Mumble to TeamSpeak! Our Server Information is down below along with a guide on how to set it up.

    Last season, we also removed MVP voting, introduced our new Champion and Challenger Tiers, and also randomized Captain selection within the same relative rank to make picking a little more fair for the captains who were closer in Solo Q rank. All of you who regularly play in the ADL were super happy about those changes so they'll be around to stay! Since there was no demand for an ADL All-Star match, we didn't have one, but that doesn't mean we can't have one at the end of this season! Just be sure to let us know you want it and we'll make it happen. 
    Significant Dates:
    10/16/2015 - Start of Season 7
    11/13/2015 - Week 5 of Season 7 (Champion Tier and Challenger Tier begin)
    12/6/2015 - Last night of the regular season
    12/13/2015 - Finals Mini-Tournament (Must attend to qualify for Top 4 finish)
    Quick Info:
    TeamSpeak info: TeamSpeak Server: ts65.gameservers.com:9222 How to set up TeamSpeak
    ADL ELO Lookup: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/adl-look-up
    Start Time: 9 PM EST/6 PM PST Sundays and Fridays
    Holidays: The Friday after Thanksgiving there will be no ADL (11/27/2015)

    Changes based on your suggestions:
    This isn't a change that only we can do, but we got some feedback where you guys wished there were more people to play with/against. Even though our debut first nights are the most attended, we get a very stable 30 or so people per night, and they're the same people who attend every night. If you would like to learn how to get more people involved in attending the ADL, make sure you read this guide on how to bring in more people! Everyone needs to pitch in on this effort, it's not something that we as Staff have ultimate power over. Also, don't forget to bring your friends! Also on the topic of recruitment, if you guys are interested in bringing more players let us know if you'd be willing to participate in recruiting nights where we would get together on TeamSpeak and try to bring new players onto the server to get to know us and join us for ADL :3 Season 6 was a HUGE success in the fact that multiple people stated that the event was organized and run better than other events they've been to. We're very proud of this! If you see something you would like to see changed, be sure to hit up one of the Staff members! We specifically ask for feedback after every night, so there are plenty of opportunities to speak up! As always, we MAY make changes during the ADL Season. This only happens if there is enough negative feedback about a certain aspect where it warrants an immediate change, or if it's something we want to test out (ie: a better pick order, a better way to determine who faces who, how we draft, etc). We will always ask for everyone's opinion beforehand. If any changes are made during the Season, players will be informed of said changes before drafting begins. For this next season, we want to focus on providing more opportunities for getting to know your fellow LoL players. One of the things we've learned that could benefit from an organized play environment is that higher level players have trouble finding teammates who share their motivation and goals. By providing a more relaxed environment people can come to after each night's games are finished, we can offer moments for people to connect outside of simple game comms so that you can actually get to know each other and not just how you are in-game.  We've made a couple nice visual guides that hopefully explain the season format and how to participate much easier for new players. Always be sure to give vVv Organicbear or vVv Medusa any feedback you have! We can always make things better or easier, we just need to be informed that something needs changing! A link to our profiles containing our contact information are at the bottom of this post. Feel free to contact us in any way that is most convenient for you (including chatting on TeamSpeak).
    How to Participate:
    NOTE: Anyone can play, regardless of Solo Q rank, as long as you're Level 30 and have at least 16 champions to participate in Custom Tournament Draft.
    Season Format:
    Official ADL Rules:
    Please take the time to read and familiarize yourself with the rules! You are expected to know the rules before you join TeamSpeak and participate!!!

    Are you as excited for Season 7 as we are? Let's make this another fantastic ADL! See you in TeamSpeak on Friday, October 16th at 9pm EST!
    If you have questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions please contact any of the below ADL Staff members and they would be happy to assist you! 
    ADL Staff:
    vVv Organicbear
    vVv Medusa
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    Muhdewsa got a reaction from Atrax in Picks for worlds?   
    So I watch a LOOOOOT of LCK (Korea), but I don't watch too much EU or LPL (China) and I'm not very interested in NA, honestly. I feel like they're probably the least skilled out of all the "popular regions" and I'd much rather watch LCK vod's. I would LOVE seeing an NA team win just cause of the whole NA represent thing, but I highly doubt they'd beat out any of the other teams here. SO ANYWAYS, here are my picks:

    Group A:
    KOO Tigers paiN Gaming Flash Wolves Counter Logic Gaming Group B:
    Fnatic ahq e-Sports Club Invictus Gaming Cloud9 Group C:
    SKTelecom T1 Edward Gaming Bangkok Titans H2K Group D:
    KT Rolster LGD Gaming Origen Team SoloMid  
    Like I said, I don't have much faith in NA.
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    Muhdewsa got a reaction from Echelon in vVv Echelons Resignation   
    All roads lead back to vVv :} I hope things go well with college and all your other IRL things! Let us know if there's absolutely anything that we can help you with, it doesn't have to be gaming related, either! We're here for you <3

    Good luck in your future endeavors. I hope you will still hang out with us and that we will see you again very soon!
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    Muhdewsa got a reaction from jiggy in Jokes related to league   
    Where are Sugarbear and Paradise when you need them?
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    Muhdewsa got a reaction from Voison in What YOU can do to bring players to the LoL ADL!   
    I just wanted to make a quick post about what everyone can do to participate in bringing people to the ADL!
    The ADL Staff determines the quality of the event by:
    If every game was competitive If everyone had a good time If these two requirements are met, we determine that night of the ADL to be a success. We aren't looking to have the biggest event, we're just looking to have the best quality event. 
    ...BUT some feedback has been coming our way that people have more fun and feel the event is more competitive when there are more people to have for teams, more people to play against, and everyone has a higher skill level.


    Because we want to see you happy and having a good time, here are a few small things everyone can do that would have a huge impact on the ADL's numbers:

    Write about your experience of playing in the ADL here: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment/WZ9tYXBc-tired-of-playing-alone-vvv-gaming-announces-amateur-draft-league-season-6 This is our post for Season 6 of the ADL on the League of Legends forums. If it keeps being bumped by posts of people's experiences and how much fun they had at the ADL, then more people will see the post, therefore we'll have more people attending! Add awesome people from games you play and invite everyone you know to the event! The BEST way to advertise events and getting new people to show up is by word of mouth! If my super awesome friend I've had for a few months or a really good and nice player from Solo Queue/Normals/ARAMs tells me about an event I should come to because it's awesome, why would I not show up? They can also bring in friends that they were already playing with and can request for them to be on their team!
    Just message people about an hour before the event starts so you can....
    Share our official ADL Post to give them all the details: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/topic/71870-lol-adl-season-6-rules-and-details-thread/ This way, when you're telling your friends about the event, they have all the details right here! Inside this post is a link to download/set up TeamSpeak, who to contact for questions, what time the event starts, information about how the event works, absolutely everything you could need! Make sure to Tweet on Twitter and Share on Facebook! There are buttons at the bottom of this page for easy tweeting/sharing or you can go to our Facebook (and like it if you haven't already) and share from there, or go to our Twitter (and follow!) and RT/Favorite! Posting on Reddit and getting put onto the Riot Event's Board are a few things that us as Staff can do for you, but are you taking part in everything else with us? It takes effort from everyone (Members, Applicants, Non-Applicant Attendees, AND Staff!) to have the best competitive League of Legends event!
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    Muhdewsa got a reaction from BoDYRoTx in Rebuilding the LoL Division   
    Super excited to have mister C Wide back! <3
    Can't wait to have everyone working together to make the LoL division a great place to be once again :}
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    Muhdewsa got a reaction from TheKoala in UMG Dallas   
    I still need to buy my spectator pass also.... qq
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    Muhdewsa got a reaction from Yui in vVv Yui Resignation   
    Glad to hear you'll be focusing on your education :} I'm sure we'll still see you around <33 OR AT LEAST YOU BETTER STILL BE COMING AROUND EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE!!!
    Best of luck to you with your nursing program <3
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    Muhdewsa got a reaction from Soap in ADL Trash Talk Thread   

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    Muhdewsa got a reaction from Minotaur in Sega's application for COD   
    I lurked on your Twitter before you changed your name from @vVv_Sega and I wasn't necessarily impressed with what was on it. It's unfortunate that you deleted your tweets arguing with the 13 year old CoD kid, calling people shit, telling them to kill themselves, and all of the posts gloating about your "earnings", I was really looking forward to putting them all here. The posts where you show that our Twitter is following you and posting it with "People talk shit. Thanks" then immediately following it with "Wow deleting my application on this website. Such a joke LOL. Going to TK's site now." (https://twitter.com/MeTro_Sega/status/551164871707230209) is very telling of your personality and maturity. I'm guessing you had this change of heart when Bizkit said we don't appreciate people keeping the vVv name when they haven't gone through the application process and been accepted.

    Sorry to say it but I think you've come to the wrong place. vVv Gaming doesn't seem like a good fit for you. Good luck on TK's website, hopefully they'll notice and appreciate your earnings. Wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.
    Application closed.
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    Muhdewsa got a reaction from Zeeb in Patch 4.20   
    420 mtv yolo swag smoke weed errday
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    Muhdewsa got a reaction from Daviepants in Patch 4.20   
    420 mtv yolo swag smoke weed errday
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    Muhdewsa got a reaction from Daviepants in Voyboy parts ways with Team Curse~   
    Incoming CRS Faker. Mark my words.
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    Muhdewsa got a reaction from Daviepants in Official Overwatch Website and Trailers   
    I'm only playing Reaper and Widowmaker.
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    Muhdewsa got a reaction from keykat in Jabber's Application   
    Application closed. Applications are closed for the following reason:
    - Not a good fit for vVv Gaming
    Please contact me or another staff member if you feel this has been done in error. If you do not contact staff within 3 days, this application will be filed away as "Closed/Not Admitted."

    Thank You.
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    Muhdewsa got a reaction from Daviepants in If Jayce becomes FOTM   
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    Muhdewsa got a reaction from vVv JoeExotic in Why vVv should (prepare to) support Destiny   
    But yeah, I'd really like to see more information and videos!
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    Muhdewsa got a reaction from WorldStar in WorldStarMOFO Application (X1)   
    Application Accepted! Welcome to vVv Gaming!

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