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  1. FraGzeeemail

    Hearts re-app

    my dude hearts <3 hes been my dude always and recently my lover on weekends ;] haha good luck mannn yu no wut to do
  2. Much love for you Anthony and to the rest of you, just to say the truth, before i even thought of joining vVv, i didnt really know much about it, just that it was just an amazing Gaming Community, but the word i only say was "Gaming." Not until i was an app, and apart of this Community, i found the word community, it was an amazing feeling that i couldn't explain other than being in another family. Being in this community is by far the best thing that has happened to me in the gaming world and a real good thing that i needed for my life in general. Thank you vVv, thank you anthony, thank you everyone for opening my eyes and seeing all this amazing things <3
  3. FraGzeeemail

    Hearts re-app

    Yeaaaaaa boiiiiiii my nigga bussin hahaha, missed you brah glad to see you re app'in, hope you aint bussin like a dumb dumb =P nah jk good luck my dude you know wut to dooooo
  4. I'll be on the lookout for Anne Frank-types speeding towards me next time I'm walking around.

  5. i love how my vVv family goes on my profile and writes the darnest things hahahahha <3

  6. happy birthday dont get hit by a truck from Stitches

  7. Accept this shit now <3
  8. Stitches has the biggest dick in vVv

    1. FraGzeeemail


      its really true, he is the biggest dick in vVv =P

  9. OOBOY OBOY! NJHalo is just in 1 more day! vVv Relent and possibly vVv Dyehard are crashing at my crib for it then the BBQ!!!!!! omfg gonna be a good time =]

  10. haha sounds good sloppy joe

  11. hey slut I can go to the BBQ so send me that adress <3

  12. i love this kid! lol <3
  13. FraGzeeemail

    Monsta's App

    good luck, stay active, have fun with it.

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