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    I can finally use the Shoutbox
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    Leslie Andrew Rogers
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    Pine Bush, NY
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    moder warfare 2, Halo 3
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    playing Halo 3 and Mw2

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    Leslie Rogers
  1. Blazxr

    FuRhyy vVv app

    thanks, me 2 lol xD
  2. Blazxr

    FuRhyy vVv app

    thanks for every1 support.
  3. Blazxr

    FuRhyy vVv app

    thank you. the app is now Blazxr's app instead of FuRhyy. i changed my name
  4. Uno on xbl is so smoothing lmao

  5. Blazxr

    FuRhyy vVv app

    staying active
  6. Short hair FTW! lol nice :D

  7. Blazxr

    FuRhyy vVv app

    Thanks guys. yup i am.
  8. bored. MLG Halo any1?

  9. Just got halo 3, any1 wanna start a MLG ?

  10. Blazxr

    FuRhyy vVv app


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