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  1. damn why doesn't stream these matches on something other than sourcetv.. :/
  2. Anyone still play WoW :?

    1. Schirmy


      Me! Horde on BlackHand :P

  3. Slim

    vVv App

    Good Luck on that app man
  4. Slim

    Defying History

    Good Luck to this team! Definitely a top CoD team.
  5. Damn never knew Imma troll lol. But good luck in your future endevours man.
  6. I've bounced around alot of schools I went to oakton, Flint Hill, and South Lakes, but I went to Franklin MS and most people went to chantilly from there.

  7. what school do you go to?

  8. Slim

    Slim's App

    Got 1 month down
  9. damn most of my friends graduated from Chantilly last year lol

  10. ooooooooooo shi..i went to chantilly hs. got out last year

  11. o damn foreal? I live in chantilly also. What high school you go to?

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