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  1. Heyyyyyyyyyyy. I haven't posted here since I left, but i got an e-mail saying i had a comment from you so I checked. :o)

    Hope you're doing well. I've been crazy busy with graduate school and teaching, but I passed my thesis defense, and now only have to finish final edits and hopefully i'll have it all done by Friday.

  2. Dude...Ur not vVv anymore? :(

  3. For MLG events? You do not need to be sponsored by anyone to enter an event. You need to buy a pass. Either a team pass or FFA pass, depending on the game you're going for. MLGpro.com has all of the listings, information, and dates for when passed go on sale, etc.
  4. That is the week i have conferences with my students about their midterm papers and portfolio grades (13th and 15th, then i have to grade all weekend, ugh). Wish I could have made it.
  5. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay!
  6. I would love a pair of these! I have literally gone through 7 standard Microsoft mics in the last 3 years, 3 in the last 6 months.
  7. Impressive placings. Best of luck with the application!
  8. Sounds good!

    Feel free to add me for anything: vVv Truth Lies

  9. Unfortunately there are no specific jobs open as general staff, but there may be some soon, things are always evolving and growing. Keep checking back! You can apply for one of those posted positions if they are closely related to what you would be interested in. And here is where most open spots would be posted: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/index.php?showforum=489
  10. Hey hey!

    Reach should be a good way to start. There's a lot of new gametypes and weapons, so new strategies will have to be used by all, and the hit box is different so most people will need to adjust at the same time.

  11. Hey what's up man!

    I've never played Halo competitively, is Reach a good way to start (casual competitive)

  12. Best of luck with the interview!

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