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  1. Yeah, disregard my post on the front about Annie and Yorick xD somewhere down the line I decided I was just going to play LeBlanc / Irelia / Vlad / Reksai and have gone from s2 to g3 in the past 2 or 3 weeks.
  2. I've maxed Fizz so far and am currently working on Annie. After that I think I'll attempt Yorick, I've only played him in ranked a few times but at least at my elo he seems to be able to really stomp.
  3. I'm sad to say I will be stepping down from vVv Gaming. The opportunity has come up to be on the management staff / PR team for another eSports organization (Denial eSports), which has been my goal all along with vVv. As most of you know one day I want to make a job out of this whole competitive gaming thing, and I believe this is whats best for me right now to reach that goal. As much as I've loved vVv, I believe my talents and knowledge of eSports has been neglected time and time again, to the point where I feel discouraged about even asking questions or putting in my ideas. It was always my goal to be behind the scenes working with the sponsored teams and help grow vVv as an eSports organization, but I've been stuck doing community "projects" that I really have no passion for, was just trying to be apart of to get noticed. I'm also not going to lie and and say that I was pretty bummed to find out I didn't get the assistant job for the CoD division, if you didn't know, I was one of the two finalists. Then after to find out I was a finalist for the position but wasn't even invited initially to the leadership group really upset me. What it comes down to is I joined vVv(2011) in the first place for one reason, Jerry. His knowledge of eSports and passion for the organization. I hoped to learn a lot and one day follow in the footsteps of him by running or at least helping an organization while working my way up into the corporate gaming world. I can say I've learned a lot during my time here about gaming and also just about how to treat others, but I'm sad to say I think its time for me in my opinion to take the next step in the right direction for myself. I won't be deleting any of you on LoL or CoD, I'm not a fake person, if you're on my F/L its not because you were in vVv, its because I actually liked you. With that being said I wish all of you the best of luck on all your endeavors. Please keep in touch <3 -Mike
  4. I read somewhere that this was the second to next champion that will be released? That supposedly before Ao Shin a character (Vi's sister) is suppose to come out. Think there is any truth to that? EDIT: anndddd then I see the hyper link @_@
  5. Been seeing this as one of the most popular streamed games on Twitch so I was def interested. Good review!
  6. Finally back and settled back in town!

  7. Are there any shoutouts or random exclamation you'd like to make? I'd like to make a shoutout to Razernok. I miss you, buddy. L M A O!!!
  8. LoL players: Carry me from Silver 3 to Gold 5 for Victorious Elise :'(

    1. NaturaL
    2. Brocco


      ACTUALLY I got demoted for playing alone, but im already in placement again and will be silver 3.

  9. Love C9's playstyle... meteos and Hai are by far my favorite players anyway lol.... AMERICAS HOPE!
  10. Would love to take part in this and duo / improve my skills
  11. Yeah, I've got it down recently to basically 2 different champs a role. Just from my scores, I know I shouldn't be in bronze and should be a silver, was just curious if there was a number of placement wins that would secure that. I use Darius / Kennen top Zed / Diana Mid Zac / WW / Hecarim jungle (I'd classify myself as a jungle main) Nami for support Varus / Graves for adc Still too much? I'm that nice guy in ranked who always fills

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