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  1. I would listen to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 VOD of MLG Dallas... at work... discreetly. Shame on me? Nah, i just wanna soak in that sound so it's second nature. I already rep the Steel Series Sensei Mouse - why not rep the Flux?
  2. I don't agree with everything in this article, but overall i agree on vVv's stance on this... Lord J has been very open on his opinions on this subject and I have to say i really appreciate his take on it. I like the business side of the team myself.
  3. Indeed. One of my fears for Halo: Reach on the MLG pro circuit appears to be coming to fruition: less spectator value. Now i think there are more factors than just the "thrill" of spectating involved, but it certainly isn't the same as some of the other Halo titles.
  4. Couldn't agree more. Cap card is a great way to build your personal brand and even an outlet for sponsors to gain exposure along-side of you. Definitely recommend Black Magic Intensity Pro, though (especially if you want to stream HD).
  5. Ha, ha I like the irony that amateurs wanna be known (go pro) but pros wanna take home the money. It does reflect that self centered attitude they mentioned to want to be "known". I've seen it myself on the MLG circuit.
  6. This Gamer Tuesday article was more in-depth than i thought it would be. Bravo
  7. Perfect. Now, do you still need this if you have the SS that works on Xbox 360? hmmm
  8. Hey, Hey! A fellow UGH winner! VERY NICE

  9. Sweet. This sounds great. I always see fellow vVv people at events, but rarely take time to talk/commune - here's the perfect chance.
  10. I'll be going unless something comes up at work.
  11. Will do. Getting a time the first part of next week that the whole team will be available.
  12. You guys, check me out too. I post about Gaming and Design. twitter.com/designpassion

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