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    Wookiee reacted to vVv LordJerith in Your Guild Rank and What it Means   
    Recruit: You were invited in game
    Initiate: You are active in Mumble
    Neophyte: You have an active application and are active in mumble
    Member: You application has been accepted to vVv Gaming (i.e., vVv Avii)
    Senior Member: You were in vVv Gaming before Rift (i.e., vVv Amped)
    Officer: Your application to officer has been accepted (i.e., vVv Namorah)
    Senior Officer: Your application to officer was accepted AND you were previously in vVv Gaming (i.e., vVv Jolly)
    Leader: Reserved for vVv Gaming Executives and their alts

    Neophytes and above can recruit

    Officers and above can:

    officer chat
    guild chat speak
    set message of the day
    edit officer notes
    accept guild quests
    complete quild quests
    abandon guild quests
    set rally point

    Hope this helps!

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