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    Tom Walker-Venour
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    WoW, Rift, Blops and all Final Fantasy
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    Lasagne, Mexican, Cheesy Chicken (mums recipe)
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    300, the green mile, and tom hanks or will smith film and snatch
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    Nickelback, paramore, hey monday, there for tomorrow, you me at six, A day to remember
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    i am a massive car enthusiast been doing mechanics for 4 years and love everything about them from the bodywork through to the minute parts of the engine nothing better then being in a 6.5litre twin supercharged car

About Me

Hi vVv my name is Tom Walker-Venour i have lived with my step-dad and mum for 19years after the separation of my mum and dad as much as this isn't a nice thing its has given me a bigger family such as my 2 older step-brothers who as annoying as they are i still love them, and most importantly of all i have a 6 year old little sister who i love to pieces who lives in Canada.

Some hobbies of mine include my love of cars i have been studying the trade of mechanics for 4years now originally starting at a Mercedes Benz Garage near my home after 2 years of no progression within the company i decided to leave and take my mechanical education into my owns hands and proceeded to college to redo and complete my level 1 and 2 course in 1 year at distinction level. i have had to take a break from my mechanics course to work for a few years to pay of outstanding bills the job i have found is within the company GameStation This is a job a have come to love as well i not only get discount games but get to pass on my love of games to new gamers buying there first games and share my love of game with experienced gamers across all gaming types and platforms.

Other hobbies i suppose would consist of puzzles and model making i always find my self with some form of weird puzzle even when queuing for games on call of duty and loading my character on rift or WoW as for models i have built hundreds of airfix models aswell as built my very own Petrol Remote control car that runs and is fully functional.

If anyone wants to know more about me hit me up on any of my contacts or vVv mail speak to you all soon

Love From The Wookiee

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