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    Tom Walker-Venour
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    WoW, Rift, Blops and all Final Fantasy
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    Lasagne, Mexican, Cheesy Chicken (mums recipe)
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    300, the green mile, and tom hanks or will smith film and snatch
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    Nickelback, paramore, hey monday, there for tomorrow, you me at six, A day to remember
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    i am a massive car enthusiast been doing mechanics for 4 years and love everything about them from the bodywork through to the minute parts of the engine nothing better then being in a 6.5litre twin supercharged car
  1. Wookiee

    Mike's application.

    good luck Mike you where definatly the other app along side me i saw getting this with mine closed due to work i can see you getting this 100%. I just hope you can keep you head down and not get that staff power vibe going again. p.s. Rift still mine mwaahahahahaha
  2. After recent events at work i am going to withdraw my Application for App manager and just stick with being Rift App Manager for the time being as it turns out i may be being promoted at work will keep you all updated and thanks for the support.
  3. Wookiee

    Rift: Hauzer

    Applicant accepted into vVv congratulations and enjoy your time here.
  4. Applicant has been accepted congratulations and enjoy your time with us.
  5. Ty Aftermath i appreciate the support. LJ will get on it now then thank you again for the Support and interest in my Application
  6. will get on it for you jerry is there any particular section you would like me to concentrate on or all over the board. let me know i will also pm you Thank's for showing and interest in my Application.
  7. Yes as i said i will be losing more hours at work in the coming weeks which will leave me at home alot of the time. This will be give me more then enough time to manage the applications in question (Around 30-40).
  8. Application Closed was found botting in game If you feel this application has been closed in error, please contact me on the forums, mumble, or in game.
  9. Thanks everyone see what happens hopefully i get the position but again thanks for your support.
  10. Personally i thought this was a great read thumbs up from me. look forward to more.
  11. Name: Tom Walker-Venour Age: 20 XBL Gamertag: vVv Wookiee PSN ID (not required): Link to twitter: Link to Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tom.walkervenour Previous qualifying experience (if any): I am currently the vVv Rift Application Manager. I currently am looking after around 60 Applications. Why do you want the position?: I feel that with the experience i have so far with looking after the Rift Apps, i am perfectly suited for this position. I already know what this position requires which means i am ready to start without the training from anyone. Who has been the best app managers who you would use as your role model?: Personally for me the work that vVv Milkyy puts into vVv is inspirational. Which app managers do you think have done a poor job, and why?: Although he was only App manager for a short while i feel Metaphor could have put more time into the staff work then he did. What makes you qualified to have this position?: I am already comfortable dealing with Application's for vVv which i believe helps a lot. I have also been working in retail for over 4years, which gives me the training to know how to talk to all types of people in the correct manor. How many hours per day will you be able to dedicate to this?: for the next 2 weeks i would say around 20hours each week, but after this i will be losing considerable hours at work so will be able to put 30-40 hours weekly if this is needed. What times (ie, 5-7pm EST etc)?: it will vary depending on what hours i am at work but my latest start would be 7pm GMT.
  12. Wookiee

    Rift - Vervamon

    Application closed due to inactivity on site and not actually being in vVv's in game guild. If you feel this has been done in error, please contact me on the forums, mumble, or in game.
  13. I must say i am split on this one, Rob has been with vVv for a very long time, but this in my eyes should mean that Rob knows what vVv expects from all its members. Then theres the part of me that thinks that the amount of dedication Rob has shown to vVv in the past makes him eligible for a second chance. This is a very hard decision for anyone to make but i think my vote would go with not re-inviting him to the guild. I think that we need to make an example to show this kind of behavior isn't expectable and i think that now is the time we need to do this keeping one person in down to them being a previous vVv member i just don't think this is how it should work being a previous vVv member means he should know what we expect from members. i would be more inclined to give someone new to vVv a second chance as they are not aware of the standards of gaming we expect. I'm sorry that this is how i feel Rob is a good guy but his time with vVv should mean he should not be given a second chance.

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