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  1. Our interview's up on mlgpro.com check it out guys!
  2. I'm on here often, I just figured since the app has been up for a while they basically said no. Although I obviously don't know where we stand with vVv.
  3. Yeah he has, he was previously sponsored by vVv (for a very short time) with Take Respect.
  4. We're keeping the team we won the combine with.when we were on the podium we didn't really know whether or not to stay with ReVamp or go back to teaming with Watch. We thought about it, and we feel ReVamp is a better fit. And thanks everyone for the congratulations.
  5. Haha thanks. Looks like we need it.
  6. Watch did lose his job, but he now has a new one (a better paying one) and will be able to attend every tournament. I understand that this exact moment is not a great time to be applying because of what Ryan has been going through, but he is back on his feet. The meeting sounds good, just let me know.
  7. Watch got let go from his job, we don't "not have computers." At the moment Watch is very low on cash at the moment and has moved back in with his parents. He didn't have a computer at his past apartment but he has one now at his parents house. I don't understand why it would be such a big deal if one member doesn't get on the computer often seeing as the rest of us are on the computer VERY often. Our team has not had a problem like this ever, Watch getting let go from his job was completely unexpected and unfortunate. The original post was with me, Watch Swift, and InSaiyan. The only thing that has changed from that is that we picked up the Doritos Combine FFA Champ: Adrenaline. I don't see how that would make us a worse option, especially since InSaiyan didn't even post his resume in the thread. I'm just explaining so you guys understand where we are coming from, not trying to start an argument.
  8. I listened to the MP3 and read the thread. My teammates are registering as soon as possible I just didn't want this to slip my mind. Thanks for the advice!
  9. * Name: Brendon Fugo * Age (minimum 15): 19 * Gamertags: Fugo dood * MySpace profile name and URL: myspace.com/fugo7 * AIM Screen Name: da d0ing doing * MSN Messenger: befugo@aol.com * Skype Name: brendonfugo * Please list all your LAN and online achievements here, and indicate the prizes you have won: Ive played and won many local tournaments in North Carolina. I have won numerous 2v2 tournaments at Gamefrog as well as two 4v4 tournaments at a preexisting LAN center called MuleBytes. All of the local tournaments contained Cash prizes ranging from $90 to $400. Our team: Victorious Secret took 8th place at the Nashville Doritos Combine http://combine.mlgpro.com/leaderboards/nashville/halo-3-4v4, only losing to the 2nd seed Power (2-0), and the 4th seed Take Respect (2-1). We knocked out the 3rd seed IMPACT with a player that doesn't own an xbox. As you can see by the stats , Watch, Swift Kill, and l all went positive 32+ with our fourth going -39. As far as MLG events go, I have placed at many. 2008 Season: Meadowlands: 28th (Mind over Matter), San Diego '08: 26th (Mind over Matter), Dallas '08: 20th (Hood Ninjas) I finished the 2008 Season with 279 pro circuit points; 2009 Season: Dallas: 27th (Victorious Secret), Orlando: 28th (Victorious Secret) I finished the 2009 Season with 174 pro circuit points. http://www.mlgpro.com/2009/Halo3/LiveCompetition/PlayerStandings EDIT: Recently our team attended MLG Orlando and placed 18th. We lost by 3 kills in game 5 to Chilled Reality for top 16. We now have a total of 1252 pro circuit points. * How many hours per week will you devote to gaming? A lot. My team usually practices 2 hours a night and sometimes I fly to Watch's house before a tournament to get some serious practice in. * Do you have access to a computer and e-mail on a daily basis? Yes, befugo@aol.com * What are your personal goals? My personal goal for the 2010 season is to establish myself as a top pro player rather than a top semi-pro player. Throughout the past 2 seasons I have been known as a great player but could never get the team I wanted to be able to obtain pro status. I feel as though Watch, Swift Kill, and Adrenaline are my best teammates to date and we can take it to the next level.

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