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  1. I'll still be getting both. Which one I get first will depend on the exclusives they announce.
  2. Sad that Gears can't thrive anymore but glad CoD is taking off. Ready to try and make something great happen.
  3. Oh I'm so ready for this! Can't wait to see where we go with this in CoD.
  4. I'm saying maybe see if we can get some special merch made just for this instead of cash
  5. I'm down for this to happen. I'd say for the first one make the prizes all vVv merch if possible at that time.
  6. Sent you both friend requests in the game. Should be able to accept then in the game through the friends list.
  7. Go to the Activision site and log in through whatever system you play on. Go to your profile and click the basic info tab and you'll see your Activision ID. You can change it to whatever you want and that is how your name will appear in game.
  8. Since next weekend marks the open beta for all platforms I'd like to get anyone who is planning on playing to post their Activision ID here so we can all add and play with each other regardless of what platform we play on. MIne is vVvHoagie#1545129
  9. I know I will get a T-shirt as I need another one!
  10. R301/Wingman Alternator/Longbow/Triple
  11. Welcome back man! If you ever want to play Apex or CoD sometime hmu.
  12. I downloaded it a hour ago and started playing. Let's hope its better than Clash Royale.
  13. MW 2v2 Alpha game play will be available to all PS4 this weekend only Aug 23-25! You don't even need to have PS Plus to play.
  14. Gameplay is solid from what little I got to play

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