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  1. for any1 that wants to just watch some reach www.justin.tv/gunsmok3d
  2. no we didn't doom....Saturday is the only day of the week we can't get on. Meltdown and I hang out with our gf's on sat and nester catches up on his schoolwork that day. We play 6 days a week though saturday being the exception . I wouldn't mind holding our own customs like tonight for example with whoever wants to play from vVv
  3. thanks bro Even walshy said we had the sickest team shirts lol
  4. Can't wait for the playoffs of the Dr Pepper ladder =) We are gettin that 10,000$ !
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5U_ntDmURs&hd=1 check it out <3333333333333
  6. our montage trailer came out tonight I will post it within the next few hours hopefully It just has to finish uploading in HD
  7. good luck on your app guys! vVv is an awesome community
  8. thanks bro much appreciated! We are also attending a LAN tourney on december 5th for over 800$ in the Miami area. It's going to be streamed live at justin.tv/flippers360 Check it out ! 1st place at the last tourney was Legit, Synox, Xambler and Wig Splitter. It should have a HUGE turn out so it should be a blast
  9. nope....only problem we had was the lack of sleep because of how horrible mlg ran their first reach tourney lol
  10. how is the sound with their little mini mixamp thing?
  11. ok thanks a lot for the info! We have a team montage trailer coming out within the month that we will also incorporate vVv in as well That on top of staying active throughout the community This site>Mlgpro.com in SOO many ways lol
  12. lol ouch ^^^^^ We are so siked for the opener !!!! AND our montage trailer comes out within the month
  13. congrats on the placing, I kind of worded my post wrong. The only person I dislike is Goatsi on your squad. And I didn't know about the bet but I'm just going off how it looked to the average person looking in. GGs tho nonetheless
  14. did you really need to tell everyone that lol closet gamer ftl lol EDIT:Thanks for checking out our APP guys We have been on the forums for a while now and this community is a blast to be apart of
  15. gg's trigga, you are the only 1 i like on your team. But making vVv look dumb isn't a good idea when you are trying to get their help http://www.mlgpro.com/forum/showpost.php?p=7900593&postcount=9865 "lol vVv ftw" Good shit nonetheless. Enjoy that 400$ stipend lol that should help things out a bit
  16. pretty sure he was probably just looking for 1 of the many hookers there lmao
  17. probably ordering my pair within the next month
  18. lol good perspective After the opener I plan on making a writeup about being a good team captain
  19. ONE question adam? are they solid without the mixamp?
  20. we took a week + off because metldowns grandmother passed away. And I have been playing the last week+ without a mic. Trying playing a teamwork based game without a mic, it isn't easy. Not to mention new breed is like 51 and 27 lol. We are like 40-6 with our actual MLG roster. And if they placed top 48 and we placed 13th losing to them on XBL doesn't worry me because we outplaced them on LAN? GG's nonetheless, hopefully we match up with them again
  21. Idk if anyone was confused at all. But our app is for the 2011 Halo:Reach season. We attended the DC Combine and placed 13th out of 235+ teams and that really drained our funds. We wish we could attend dallas but we just don't have the money to. We have been gaming together and practicing/lanning for 4 months so we plan on that number being 8 months by the time the opener comes around. Thanks for all the luck though but we will save that and carry it over to the opener =) Hopefully we will be representing vVv by then!

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