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  1. @Dapuffster @PKSparkxx For sure, it's good for people not into server admin. I'm used to running web servers with full control ground up

  2. Wait who made the intro videos for Pound Top 8?

  3. @MVG_Mew2King So you think it's not a waste of time?

  4. @Nyanidesuka @DireOnFire no need to rush life, we have smash to play and stuff to not care about

  5. @NMEXzax This weekend I work Sunday but I'm free at like 4pm in North NJ so maybe I'll swing by Philly

  6. @emformz @Nyanidesuka @MessiNYC @CLASHTournament @ProjectMGame it's a new reveal we just worked out :)

  7. @AVerMediaGZ thanks for the RT! I tried messaging your group on FB but didn't get a response. Could you follow for a DM please? :)

  8. @GazerNeo @juiceDoom @ksizzleNJ I have a meeting with them soon and I'll bring it up. Definitely not lost.

  9. @Datguy92201 @FuzzynessUK I saw that hashtag too, but the streams literally say #SmashTheRecord2015 on them lol

  10. @DJ_Malady @MrAdamAp @MLG awesome, can't wait! I randomly saw it on FB

  11. MLG Sat night patch notes for Finals- Incr quality for Melee even further. Safer backups for recording. New HUD for in person spectators.

  12. RT @Insanity_phr33k: @CT_Chibo vote for wii u to be put into summit :^)

  13. @MisterbeepEric @TheTantalus I didn't test it this specifically, but my gut is telling me it's by each %

  14. @Balgan @linode @binaryedgeio Our support can hook you up! :) https://t.co/5ecBtUlEQl

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