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  1. Vans > UGGS (:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Schirmy


      Rare to find nowadays.

    3. Stingur


      like, but uggs are fucking sexy on some girls

    4. Reducey


      What DREW said.

  2. learn to spell my name :D

  3. Oh my gawdz johnny

  4. im playing rank with you :D we giving them the no no strafe lol

  5. Faux

    Cuffs Re-App

    hah ur back GL :]
  6. Faux

    Stars Application

    good luck on your app :] if u ever wanna run sccrims or just ranked add me :]
  7. Goodluck :] if u ever wanna play gow2 or scrim add me
  8. ive seen you in illmaculetes FL didnt know you apped lol anyways good luck hit me up on GOW2 if u want Gt= vVv Faux (:
  9. Faux

    vVv AFFiNiTY Application

    el oh el how are you gna advertise vVv some sites you cant do that (learned by being banned from GB -.-)
  10. i scrimmed with you today didnt get to talk with you but goodluck btw are you planning to go to major MLG events lets say when gow 3 comes out and how will you rep vVv at events will you buy clothing ect

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