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  1. Vans > UGGS (:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Schirmy


      Rare to find nowadays.

    3. Stingur


      like, but uggs are fucking sexy on some girls

    4. Reducey


      What DREW said.

  2. learn to spell my name :D

  3. Oh my gawdz johnny

  4. im playing rank with you :D we giving them the no no strafe lol

  5. Faux

    Cuffs Re-App

    hah ur back GL :]
  6. Faux

    Stars Application

    good luck on your app :] if u ever wanna run sccrims or just ranked add me :]
  7. Goodluck :] if u ever wanna play gow2 or scrim add me
  8. ive seen you in illmaculetes FL didnt know you apped lol anyways good luck hit me up on GOW2 if u want Gt= vVv Faux (:
  9. Faux

    vVv AFFiNiTY Application

    el oh el how are you gna advertise vVv some sites you cant do that (learned by being banned from GB -.-)
  10. i scrimmed with you today didnt get to talk with you but goodluck btw are you planning to go to major MLG events lets say when gow 3 comes out and how will you rep vVv at events will you buy clothing ect
  11. Faux

    SnowFIakes Application

    woah your apping??? never played with him but hes on my FL i heard hes a really good player and a good teamate good luck! hope to play with you later on :]

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