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  1. Happy Birthday @SeaNanners !!!!!!!!!!! :DD how old are you? like...60? 65? am i getting close??...jk ;)

  2. Decided to dig a 10x10 hole in Minecraft. Stopped at 1,400 blocks down. Gonna fill it with 1,400 boxes of TNT, put a house on top and watch it go kaboom (:

  3. "Sharp hats and fatalities!" as the famous @d_carriere would say! Playing some #MortalKombat >:D

  4. Wanna know what i love about Borgore and Skrillex? they don't care if you "pirate" their music.

  5. why does it feel like i can crack my chest (wtf?) everytime i stretch certain ways. ouch

  6. Anyone need any #Maplestory Closed BETA keys? :pp #BETA

  7. so goddamn tired. Went to sleep at like 5. -__- ' Now, Minecraft time.

  8. Playing some #Minecraft for a little bit. #Tired

  9. trying to get #skrillextitties trending on twitter with some people lol. Shona is sleeping... so cute. lolol (: i love herrr <3

  10. Can i get a RT from my favorite people for a great ending to an awesome birthday??? @Skrillex @12thplanet @datsik @Borgore

  11. Listening to music, and typing this retarded essay. -_- ugh..

  12. Hey, what's your twitter?

  13. Ut O, It's you B Day...Time to strip to some skrillex.

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