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    I can finally use the Shoutbox
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    southern Cal.
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    DJ Hero, Gears 2, Resident evil 5
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    I love playing my xbox when my wife isnt around to give me a hard time about it (gotta love her though). I also enjoy the beach, sports, and a night out with the fellas.
    Please add me on xbl... im always up to play something.
  1. sometimes life can really throw you a curveball... i wish i played more baseball as a kid

  2. sometimes life can really throw you a curveball... i wish i played more baseball as a kid

  3. good luck to everyone.... this is going to be a great tourny.
  4. Yo.

    What's up?

    California >

  5. the tournament should be fun. I can't wait for it to start. Good luck =)

    You can add me on xbox live if you want and we can play

  6. Hey man... good to see you being apart of the DJ Hero Tourny. vVv is a good place to be. I would love to play you sometime, get a few pointers. Im always up for a real good challenge. Welcome to the site.

  7. So i was messing around with my capture card and recorded myself playing the setlist. Oh man... its beautiful!!!
  8. Vash

    Look Elmo vVv App

    good luck with the app. Stay active and have some fun. There are alot of great people on this site.
  9. you can FC megamix 1.... Its totally possible. I personally cant do it yet. I always miss about 3 notes.
  10. very excited to see what the djh competition will be like.... I recorded a couple tries on the seeding setlist just for shits and giggles before my xbox decided it wanted to scratch my dj hero and MW2 games up so bad that they arent playable I will get new ones soon. For everyone out there.... Be very careful if you have your xbox standing up vertically. Good luck to everyone
  11. Vash

    vVv Vash staff app

    Thanks to all for giving me support and feedback. It has helped me greatly.
  12. Good luck with your app. Get to know people. We have some great personalities
  13. Vash

    Skinnys App

    Welcome to vVv... enjoy your stay here and make sure you stay active. You will meet a lot of great people on this site so feel free to make yourself known. Good luck with everything.
  14. Best of luck to you dude.... if you ever want to play some RB let me know. Im an expert player but nothing compared to the GH rhythm gamers we have. Feel free to add me.
  15. Demonkitty has been a class A member since the first day i arrived. I have been in the SB at time when things get "out of hand" and demonkitty has been there to keep the peace. She gets my full support.

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