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  1. I've decided to leave for personal reasons and have already discussed this with slauney and i feel its for the best I will miss vVv and the people who I've become to know over the time I will still be around occasionally just not apart of vVv any more.
  2. GloryD

    Trevor's Re-Re-Re App

    im not including anyone in this im jus stating the apps i support idk you very well do i can't say but yeah..
  3. GloryD

    Trevor's Re-Re-Re App

    if this is how your gonna react to people everytime they say some shit to you then i feel sorry for you and your application im done here.
  4. GloryD

    Trevor's Re-Re-Re App

    Oh yeah im two faced I'm gonna let you think that sorry your so sensitive to words on the internet.
  5. GloryD

    Trevor's Re-Re-Re App

    I'm not really supportive of any apps at this point after I got in I really don't know what happened people have been getting in who I've never seen or spoke to and its just been ridiculous I really don't get it but I see where your coming from matt.
  6. GloryD

    Trevor's Re-Re-Re App

    again you bring up what buzz said but no what you said /onesided
  7. GloryD

    Trevor's Re-Re-Re App

    but you kept it going and yeah I know roxy has it recorded your the one who asked for the video in all I don't support this so good luck to you... pretty much an argument broke out earlier on XBL between Buzz and Trecks it really is too much explain i would rather tell you on mumble or soemthing
  8. GloryD

    Trevor's Re-Re-Re App

    you say look at both sides but you called him pasty with red hair you also said you look like glue and many other things he wasn't just talking shit you were too so don't play the innocent role and you didn't stop if you are coming at someones looks you aren't innocent in this at all and really your gonna ask rox for the video to tell on Buzz...you go ahead and do that and make sure you show when you were talking shit also instead of trying to sabotage a current vVv members place here.
  9. GloryD

    Trevor's Re-Re-Re App

    I had a similar confrontation with him in sb he felt i was "trolling him" and that i was singling him out and that i felt that i was better than him cause im in vVv and he continued the argument in the SB he takes criticism as trolling or a personal attack on him i really see why I don't currently support any GoW apps besides Geo and Doctor everyone else is immature and just don't fit the vVv way and the argument earlier with Buzz didn't make you look any better instead of arguing with him walk away instead of arguing back and making yourself look horrible in front of more than one person the maturity level isn't there and that is just how I see it good luck to you.
  10. It was great to have you Jay very outspoken and intelligent down to earth you will be missed if I'm not on xbox just tweet me or FB stay in touch man.
  11. Geo we gotta get more gears games in hit me up when you are on and again 100% support this application
  12. well deserved mike congrats
  13. GloryD

    DuTy CuTiie's vVv MW3 App.

    very laid back and an overall nice person and also very skilled at MW3 good luck on your app

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