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    Gears 2, Halo 3, MW2, Halo Reach? we'll see..
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    chicken fingers, pizza, mmm Im hungry now
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    This is It: The Michael Jackson Story, The Hangover, The Dark Knight
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  1. didnt this kid have a pic of some hot ass blonde as his gf or friend? I think i saw her on a Facebook add for True.com LOL!

  2. who will guard vVv at night now

  3. is done with this community

  4. is done with this community

  5. to everyone who was cool with me, thanks for the support. the rest of yal can bite me. done with this community, peace.

  6. Shanks

    Shanks vVv App

    Someone please close this app. I only applied to vVv because defined and zodi were in at the time. Just dont want to deal with the community anymore, sorry.
  7. Shanks

    Shanks vVv App

    Na yo I never once yelled at anyone yesterday. Its not worth the headache.
  8. Shanks

    Shanks vVv App

    thanks ohadd, same with your team. except jorces, oh my god that kid and his connection!
  9. Shanks

    Shanks vVv App

    Well thanks for all the bumping guys.
  10. Shanks

    Shanks vVv App

    well I disagree, but I respect your opinion. true, I wish it was with zodi, but there is nothing we can do except move on, and try to improve with what we have right now.

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