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  1. That's perfectly fine with me
  2. @Sugarbear Yes I am I play mostly everyday . @Saturn for sure
  3. Thanks Natural and Unverclopt xD That would be awesome. Natural I play heros so I'll make sure to add you on there.
  4. Yes I am I don't have many friends here so you don't see me talking that often xD
  5. Thank you Jason! Just look forward. Hope you're doing well
  6. @Jiggy yay Lol at first I wasn't a fan but I can't stay away anymore xD Less rage there too. Nothing like league
  7. @Natural that sounds great Maybe I'll catch you guys this Wednesday. Thank you Sugar
  8. I don't play ranked anymore, I just play norms with friends. They range from bronze to plat
  9. I've been away for a couple weeks xD I was dealing with some personal issues but now I'm back to win some games I'd also like to add that I also okay Heros of the storm as well so add me (I'm fairly new) -Yeni
  10. I'll be back in a week or 2.

  11. It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I'm all out of gum.

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