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    iron man
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    All types of music, with the exception of some genres
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    Soccer,Track,Cross country,Guitar,Friends<3,Gears of war.

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  1. https://www.facebook...hp?id=731426278 http://www.twitch.tv/vvvemo https://twitter.com/...PierreDobladilo http://www.youtube.com/user/Shadowgodx2?feature=mhee
  2. Happy Easter ^,^

  3. iloveyou no matter what<333333333333
  4. i always loved playing twisted metal, but as a competitive title hmm, who knows should be good
  5. Well filled out app, and this guy <3 mucho love, and you already know uproar, stay active and you'll be good in no time
  6. Emo

    Enmity's app

    Enmity's the man, auto accept please.
  7. can't wait to see everybody at hype tommrow!

  8. My birthday and Christmas went simply amazing :D

  9. Happy Thanksgiving! :D

  10. Looks simply awesome!!
  11. Emo

    Solar's vVv App.

    pretty much what he said, =p
  12. Good Team from what i've been hearing, awesome that you got your interview! Good luck.
  13. Emo

    Emery's Application

    Glad to see you're teaming with taylor (ohmygawd) good guy, and a good player. Stay active on twitter, the site, you'll be good in no time
  14. Emo

    AtkinnS vVv App.

    please contact one of the staffs or mods about your 2nd app to close it unless the 2nd one is the one you will be usung, other than that please stay active on the forums, twitter, fb, and check out our podcasts: the losers bracket. but other than that good luck enjoy the forums.

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