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    gears2,h3,cod4, diablo2, skate2, L4D2
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    its got to be fast
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    troy, super bad,
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    more like rappers
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    xbox,hockey,baseball,snowboarding,skateboarding, the ladies. weekends.
  1. my bad guys i was away for a bit an took a long break

  2. TyPolur

    D2 LOD

    my acc name is Typolur i just started hit me up an help my cause
  3. TyPolur

    D2 LOD

    ok so i am looking for diablo2 around my town , it will be coming in the battle chest , i am going to need help to refresh how to play, i used to play it like 5 years or so ago so when i get it ill leave my acc info here so anyone can add me.
  4. well done , keep up the good work.
  5. anything ranked but lonewolves.
  6. TyPolur

    Shut It Down

    pretty nice acheivements, i hope your app goes well,
  7. Thank you for your donation to vVv Gaming!

  8. like to say welcome, and great interview, cant wait too see pure domination form you guys.
  9. yo nigguh KraZ be having a heartattack lmfao

  10. muahahahahaha, <3

  11. lol curcuit has bin announced, if they even thought of it you would have to wait a year. MLG does not like the game play of gow2, it is way to slow to have at an event , with money on the line people tend to camp like a weeknd family get together. you will not see it at MLG again, the game has self destructed it self, and there is no help from Epic.
  12. well littorally i have none, but there was 8 games that i have a 25 kill streAK, I JUST NEVER have the nuke things on, sorry for the caps.
  13. very great interview jerry, everything answered was well said.
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