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  1. Have it, haven't played it for a while.
  2. I have it but currently playing ESO
  3. I think it's good because as we have seen, some games were rushed Fallout 76 for example. It's gonna be sick I think!
  4. I love it too! I play it on Xbox and PC
  5. Very glad you applied, this app won’t be here long. Very active.
  6. You can do it, you're perfect for it! They're just giving you a hard time. You're the only one that's stepped up
  7. I need one for PS4, Xbox and PC, do it once a month whatever game your group wants to play. This will start in July, so post below if you're interested in helping out, I would like the CGN'S to be streamed. The goal for the CGN'S is to have fun and hopefully by streaming them get more people interested in vVv and applying. A lot of things are in the works that staff and I trying to make happen, exciting times ahead so help us out, have fun, and grow this already great community.
  8. Purchased it along with Elsweyr and all other DLC, DL it now. My steam ID is vVv_Exodus for anyone that doesn’t have it
  9. Purchased it along with Elsweyr DL it now. My steam ID is vVv_Exodus for anyone that doesn’t have it
  10. I am totally good with Nero heading that up, he's a perfect fit. I think doing one in July would be good, also we can decide on how frequent we want them done. Personally they need to be spread out because we're still building the community up, I vote one every other month for now.
  11. I am 100% down, whatever ya'll need I'll play it!
  12. I’m on there too, lol. vVv_Exo
  13. Welcome! Glad you applied! Add me on steam vVv_Exodus. Enjoy your stay!
  14. Paranormal Activity the first one, freaked me out!!!!
  15. Looks like something we used to do years ago, would the community be interested is this again. vVv NerdPrblms knows how this could be done. Let us know 🙂
  16. ❤️ You're my backbone, I couldn't do this without you.
  17. vVv Exodus


    Val you’re awesome 🙂
  18. Love it! I’ll add you on Xbox and steam now 🙂
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