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  1. Glad to see this! Old vVv member here, great guy. This app will be a accelerated.
  2. I’m not sure, a podcast I’m seriously considering, would be monthly to start and based off how it went that could change. I’ll find out about Twitch but I don’t think you can stream saved gameplay. I want active streamers within vVv streaming on our Twitch channel. I’ll get with Vish on all that tomorrow, CGN’s I want streamed live on Twitch for sure. After Vish and I talk, I’ll update everyone.
  3. Would 7PM est time next Wednesday work for you? Let me know, Xbox or Discord.
  4. Thank you brother, I will make it rise again to the days you were here. That’s what I want and what vVv deserves. Glad you popped in my friend, you’re a vVv OG for life far as I am concerned and worthy of honorary member as well. Keep in touch my friend, would love to catch up and game some.
  5. Based off the overwhelming communities support and the fact that you have been active even before you applied you're ready for an interview. Let me know days and times that's good with you, I'll get with staff and we can set it up.
  6. This is what I like to see!
  7. Blazek! That's what we're doing brother, small steps but got a lot going. Got a new site and logo, new merch soon, strong staff assembled, really pushing streaming, looking for someone to run our YouTube channel, CGN'S across all platforms in place. Discord managers that revamped it and it looks great. Gonna get our Twitch channel rocking soon, we have had tons of apps, admitted many great people. Daily cleaning the site that wasn't touched for 5 years, I came back to rock it. It's all a process, social media has been corrected, we're looking into in house tournaments for those that want to compete as we're solely focused on the community, possibly starting a podcast again. Looking into possibly bringing bloggers back , want to get people jobs in the gaming industry if that’s what they want to do. I like you wrote it all off too, that's why I decided to come back and right the ship. You were a great vVv member, your blogs were amazing. I am here to stay, it all won't happen overnight but it's come a long way since I came back.
  8. vVv Gaming is seeking a well qualified video editor. Responsibilities will be properly maintaining our YouTube channel, gathering good gaming clips from the community, editing them into 1-3 minute videos and uploading them at first twice a month. Depending on the response the frequency could change. The first thing they will do will be to create/upload a video titled: vVv Gaming’s New Direction. I want it to pay homage to our past while showing the new direction we’re going in. You have to get people interested in vVv Gaming again, this will be a great start. The reason for the video is: 1. get people excited about vVv Gaming and 2. after people watch it to be breaking the doors down to apply. I’ll post below an example of what I’m talking about. I want vVv Gaming’s name out there, YouTube is a huge outlet we’re going to use. If you’re interested or know of someone that would be a good fit, have them apply. For all that are interested, samples of your work are to be provided. If you’re in vVv and interested message me here or on Discord. Here’s an example of the video I want done: Thank You, vVv Exodus
  9. Have it, haven't played it for a while.
  10. I have it but currently playing ESO
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