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    Lawabiding Citizen, We were soldiers, Transformers 1 and 2. All the Fast and the furious movies, 300 etc. Basically any blood and guts movie, I like scary movies such as Saw etc, I also am a huge fan of comedies such as The ugly truth, The hangover etc
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  1. Good luck, if you need anything don’t hesitate to ask, I’ll be happy to help!
  2. We all make mistakes, key is to learn from them and to move forward. To the future!
  3. Welcome back brother!
  4. vVv Exodus


    Welcome and good luck!
  5. vVv Exodus


    Welcome and good luck!
  6. Welcome and good luck!
  7. IMO A, C will always hold a special place in my heart but it’s the origin of vVv, since vVv is changing course, B is more modern. Also I never had merch with B so 😉

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