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    Basketball, working out, girls, hanging with friends. Pretty simple dude.
  1. "Bendovah, come back for moar?"

  2. "where the fuck you think youre going?! get over here, im gonna hitcha like a motherfucking truck!!!"

  3. Steve: "Come here, Imma hit you like a motherfucking truck!"

    Mike: "WTF?!"


  4. shut up gravedigger

  5. nanananapoppopopopopopo


  7. lmfaoooo i gave your bro the deeeeeee on fb

  8. I as well will not be getting rift, as i have more important things to buy right now...and as doctor also said i dont have anything against rift-i just need to get other things done. Best of luck!
  9. let the spam continue.

  10. You. Are. Adopted. (:

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