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    I can finally use the Shoutbox
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    Mihail Angelov
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    Hearthstone, Heroes of the storm
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    Home made :)
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    Resident evil
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    Linkin Park, Hollywood Undead, Limp Bizkit, Disturbed, Evanescnce, and the list goes on an on
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    I want FPS games. More into them, i like playing support for the team. Also i like action movies, love listening music and hang out with friends. If you like to know me better message me @ game.nerd.09@gmail.com or IM at MSN:see above.

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  1. Guess who's here dewd, if u still remember me ofc :/

  2. HoN some one... leave a msg we can play sometimes :)

    1. vVv Exodus

      vVv Exodus

      Exodose add me and we can play!

    2. InSideR


      Dispelbot.. add me.. ill try to be on this weekend :)

  3. *bitch slap* oh hai ^^

  4. Guess who's back you bitches ... nah.. i kid... I come here just to say HIII much love from Macedonia <3 <3 !!!!

  5. Good luck with the HoN acc mate... /cheer !

  6. well bai bai from vVv for me... so ill stick to the lan gaming now ^^

  7. Indeed... ill miss you all ^^

  8. Sad to see you go :'(

  9. InSideR

    InSideR aplication

    Guess the luck won't be needed anymore since im quiting it !
  10. InSideR

    InSideR aplication

    Thank you Aleks i have to say the same for you

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