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  1. Two nights ago, while playing I let my profanity and ignorance show, and I want to express my beliefs and values to everyone. I also want everyone to know that I fully understand my mistake. During these times, and the most critical BLM movement, I want to be very clear: I love everyone, everything and will ALWAYS help anyone, no matter of their color, origin, gender and social status. This has been a wake up call. Bad habits are really something that sticks with you, and my poor choice of words proves that. I don't mean any harm, I don't mean to discriminate. In fact, I embrace. I've never felt that I have offended people, I always thought I have been helping bridge the connection and making this world a better place. But as I have learned, bad habits die hard. I want to extend my apology. I reflected poorly on the organization, and my actions. I am sorry I let you down, I am sorry I let the organization down. This reflects heavily with me and after putting so much work in, it really hurts to let all my hard work be brought down. I ask for your forgiveness.
  2. Application accepted! Welcome to vVv Gaming!
  3. Application accepted! Welcome to vVv Gaming!
  4. Mine was Mechassault 2! I was part of the best Gamebattles teams OsE (Old School Elite) and went from having the name goodfrootloop and we ran ChromeHounds and then to vVv F R 0 o T x and schooling @vVv Stitches how to play gears of war
  5. Application accepted! Welcome to vVv Gaming!
  6. Here are the illustrator logo and the PSD! Let me know if anyone needs another copy/type! Single Logo.psd Single Logo.ai
  7. @vVv Hoagie can you edit the post to include the teams we have and the players? I gotta stud... *cough* - get a good look at the players in the tourney
  8. We have our winner! Its C! just kidding We will return back to logo A! Thank you everyone for your input! I will start converting everything back to our logo!
  9. Welcome! Feel free to reach out and play with us! Were all on daily! Looking forward to getting some games in!

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