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  1. Were going to move this meeting to 10PM EST that way we can account for any west cost members
  2. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 restrictions, no, alcohol, possibly
  3. I have so many questions, I can't wait!
  4. vVv F R 0 o T x


    I play golf about twice a month! Its usually a friends day out of golf carts and poor drives 😅
  5. your still the best in GOW, we know 🙂
  6. If you don't know me well, I helped create our organization what it was, unfortunately being only 16-17 years only, Jerry had to make my calls, and being close to him for guidance, we well make all the correct decisions And if you dont know who I am, I dont waste my time.
  7. vVv F R 0 o T x

    R0NIN RL

    William, lets get some games in, I need someone to carry me
  8. Hello Everyone, We have decided to take a leadership change! I first want to take a moment and thank vVv Milkyy for his dedication to get us started, but due to work and business we have decided to remove him from the position of president. We have made some great progress and we need to continue this progress. Following that, I will be assuming the position of vVv Gaming president. I hope you all will welcome me into this position! Next, vVv Vishouss will be taking the role of Vice President. Thirty two years young, best gears player alive, loves video games and has been a great contribution to the vVv Organization! I’m excited to have him aboard with myself and following that, vVv Virus as well! If you dont know him, reach out and say hi! vVv Virus will be working with vVv Vishouss with management and operations. If you don’t know vVv Virus, He’s an amazing person and is an amazing American that had served in the US Military as a Marine! He enjoys playing video games such as Call of Duty and Gears of War, and he is also better then vVv Stitches in Gears of War 😉 Also reach out if you dont know him, hes a great leader and teammate! I hope this change of leadership shows that, I am here to make changes and make this the best gaming community ever! Don’t let this scare you, but I’m here for a long run and will make sure we all succeed. Many changes are next and I'm glad I have the ability to make this all possible, so let’s as a team, get this done! Thank you, Chris Lynch
  9. Application accepted! Welcome to vVv Gaming!
  10. Application accepted! Welcome to vVv Gaming!
  11. I'll be on once I get back from Florida, June 20th!

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