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  1. iNFeRN0

    BelievVve by cubed

    I liked the video. nice skins. I enjoy this video vVv always has some rampage in their videos.
  2. Getting serious, will add pro clan to f/r and talented casuals (semi-pro) Who I KNOW KiCK Ass! #console# gamers #mlg# ~[4] battlefield 4 & Gears of war 4 & Halo series & possible race games '''"""'''''''''''   EU and US are accepted no matter which clan we are all talented and deserve knowledgeable teams.

  3. on here again HALO REACH players

  4. Goodluck. You got my vote
  5. Nice Vid on halo 5. They should have made it so that the flood is going after forerunner technology and chief tries to save cortana by precursor technology. That should be halo 5 not (6),

  6. Thanks for adding me :* GLAD TO BE HERE

  7. This is when having a very good lawyer, comes in handy. lolzzzzzzzz. Try hackinnnn againnnn smhhh.
  8. Excited for BF3. Montage maybe?? you know how i do..

  9. Got the Montage done, got the Halo Reach DLC... and uhhh GAMNG??!?

  10. wats your xbl GT?? let me add you

  11. check out yo topic, if you need help or questions about what to record or how to do it...let me know:)

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