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  1. yup randy mc scrandy thats me.. since videos are everything right?

  2. IDK if you spelt Practice in ur sig wrong on purpose or not.. but its spelt wrong lol
  3. damn...even randoms come up from the grave...

  4. If you are down to play scrims or play competitively add me: Yah7zee
  5. I agree that long rang battles go away... but i think it takes more skill now to kill people. You actually have to aim for heads if you wanna kill someone fast unlike the other games which you could get away with hip fire.
  6. Got to agree with that I was watching some MW2 MLG clips on MLG.tv and yeah it is a lot of waiting for rushers and parts where two shots are killing people they need to fix at least the shooting part to be MLG. Reasoning: If if takes longer to kill people, like Halo, campers will go away cause an enemy will have the time to turn and atleast put shots on someone to lower their health. This will lower the effectiveness of a camper. And i figured they would, the one thing i want them to fix the most is definitely hit registration. Matchmaking and party issues, I am going to start playing scrims now that i am 50 and ill only play pubs when there is no one on to scrim. This is still gonna be one of the best CoD games, but nothing will beat CoD 4.
  7. Wo dude ur friends need to get out a bit
  8. LVL 50 and staying.. no point to prestige and i hate pubs... GB and Scrims FTW
  9. sup pussy havnt talked to u in awhile

  10. Good Some good maps that are good for MLG Perks are good i like that stopping power is gone, it takes longer to kill people Killsteaks are easy to get but not as unfair as a nuke Guns are fair and no longer are people noob tubing or using shotguns You can literally customize anything and make your person your own its sick Bad Some bad maps where you can spend a minute getting from one side to the next, wish all were medium range and allowed for more stratagy and choke points.. etc Bullet registration.. its a joke face it. Compare it to Halo and actually pay attention to it before you flame me on it Spawns are terrible, worse than any other CoD game Again fail at making it MLG Impossible to get in a lobby with 4 people? Anyone of just me? Overall Great game and I really like it, its a fair game I wish CoD would make it LAN. I WANT AN MLG GAMEMODE TOO!! If CoD wants to take over MLG, which is so simple for them, they need to make it LAN, add a MLG gamemode, and make it harder to kill people. I know there is other Black Ops threads, but i had alot to say
  11. Yah7zee

    Zow Yahtzee App

    Close it no offense to vVv I want to be in the community, but I have a girlfriend and sports and school to deal with and if I am going to play Xbox it will be scrimming not focusin on vVv. Good luck to everyone else
  12. Yah7zee

    Zow Yahtzee App

    I will.... I do enjoy the community and i do want to be part of it, but it has taken me 4 months and still almost nothing to show i am going to get accepted. People who applied months after me are getting accepted. I am on here everyday posting, SB, looking at vVv videos rating and commenting. I have given value to the community that has not yet been seen and what probably will never be seen. Plus not to mention I cannot get on video games as much cause my life has gotten a bit crazy lately and After being an app for 4 months I feel like i have not been close to getting accepted. I still want to be part of vVv, but it just seems like I will be an app forever. And the ones saying it weeds out the weak with the long app process... It does to a certain extent. I know for a fact I am not a weak community member... I have run communities and put all my free time into them. I know what it is like to run a community and be apart of one. I stopped running it cause I do not have the time and I came to vVv to take a back seat to that and be a member. I guess I will think about not closing it so do not close my app at this time..
  13. can't believe you would throw away vvv like this....w/e man

  14. Yah7zee

    Zow Yahtzee App

    ... CLOSE MY APP.. waste of four fuckin 4 months id say.. not worth this much to be in the community i have a life
  15. Yah7zee

    Lubanski's vVv App

    good luck on your app feel free to add me !
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