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    Dalton Johnson
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    CoD 4, gears 2
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    Step Brothers
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    I love football and Basketball, I also like to hang out with friends, and dont forget gaming too.

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    Getting one soon
  1. UnReliableemail

    Freedoms App

    Good luck, Stay active! wish me luck on my app too please!
  2. UnReliableemail

    Jezus's App.

    GL bruh, return the favor on my app please!
  3. Good luck and welcome. check out my app too link in sig
  4. just dont catch any e-Std's then we'll be fine
  5. yeah fo sho. Ill comment on yours. and thanks for the comment on mine
  6. does that mean our e-relationship is over? I thought we had something special.
  7. Cuz friends put "<3's" at the end of each of there sentences? Carsonz, I agree with you

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