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  1. thanks for the feedback, and how can u tranfer cs4??

  2. haha mikeyy u kno who i am. BuhSerkk, PinPoints. We played gears 2 on the same TL for gamebattles and u were beast at gears 1. Remember? or wrong person?

  3. GooD luck bro just make sure to you add as many vVv members as possible.
  4. Great Post this is how it should be. Of course you need skill. But that is only part of what you need. I believe it is all about the effort.
  5. Well since no one else commented I guess Ill be the first whats up bro what game do you play.

  6. haha your like the 10th person to tell me that.

    whats new with you

  7. Also you look like the third guy in your sig

  8. just had to leave a commentt LoL You look High

  9. Well the event is over and for GoW2 I really thought that AmazYn was gonna come around with a Victory at Anaheim however we all know the NSAN3S won. But the NSAN3S really were a top contender even before the event since they made a great pickup by adding Prison to their roster. When it comes to Halo 3 I have no clue. I dont really follow the game. So I was rooting for the team with the coolest name Triggers Down. LoL
  10. Thats nice bro I used to love that game

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