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    Jacob Bernhard
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    Tinker AFB, Oklahoma
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    GoW3 MMORPG's and more
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    pizza and pasta :D
  • Favorite Movies
    Pulp Fiction Fight Club Boondock Saints and Lion King oh and Inglorious Bastards
  • Favorite Music
    So much stuff it is good, Pretty much Hardcore music like "Between the Buried and Me" and some post hardcore stuff like "Funeral For a Friend" and I also like country and rap now too :D
  • Interests
    Reading, Fishing, Soccer, Football, Golf, MMO's and a splash of FPSs
  1. is prepping for states

  2. is happy about this upcoming weekend

  3. Sage

    Happy Birthday.

  4. Rimo

    Worst warrior ever.

  5. long time no talk! i just found out, our birthdays are on the same day xD <3

  6. sure i'll log on eventually and give it to you man sorry bout that, been appt hunting with the g/f life is moving real quick for me.

  7. yo u still owe me kinah for that fate dagger fool.

  8. My favorite is probably the Gaming condoms haha
  9. Very good article Darkie. It cannot be stressed enough

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