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    Loss Win Loss... 4th was taken to emergency room before he left to come to Raleigh. Random 4th = destroyed
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    A link to your profile showing posts greater than 1/day?
    My Profile

    A link to your Twitter page (twitter required):
    My Twitter

    A link to your Facebook page:
    My Facebook

    A links to other forums where you represent vVv Gaming:
    Gamebattles MLG Epic Smashboards

    A links to photos of your vVv gear:
    My vVv shirt and SS Headset My vVv Sweatshirt and SS Headset

    Adding value is an important aspect of being in vVv Gaming. How do you, personally, add value?
    I personally go out and find people in the games I play and if they have a good attitude and good skills that we can mold I say go check out vVv-gaming.com. I also have been handing out vVv Business cards to local kids around Cary and Raleigh area. I go onto every forum and post with my brain not my emotions. I consistently market the vVv podcasts and articles on Twitter and some on FB. I have been a great community member in always bringing joy to people of vVv and also helping any member with their questions or concerns.

    Have you kept up with our vVv's Geek to Me articles and Losers Bracket Podcast? If so, what are some of your favorites and why? I have kept up with the Losers Bracket and Geek to Me articles, I was a co-host of the Losers Bracket so I always listen and refer other people to them. The Geek to Me article I enjoyed the most was definitely about not changing your online handle so often. I believe this with all my heart that you should pick a good name for an online handle one that represents you but is also just a catchy name that other people can remember easily.

    A link to your reviews of a sponsor's product?
    While this not be an exact review of a product this definitely has helped a lot of people in the past SS Headset Review

    A link to the person you have recruited and has made it into vVv Gaming in 2011?
    This is not 2011 but a very important person for vVv vVv Paradise

    Why you are interested in joining our Elite Membership?
    I am interested in joining the Elite Membership because I feel I already am an Elite vVv member with or without the title

    What do you hope to get out of our Elite Membership?
    I hope to get the recognition for what I am as a vVv member and what I am as a person, No matter what happens I am vVv4Life. I also do wish to get sponsor products and help other vVv members who might have lost sight of the big picture.

    After becoming an Elite member, how will you continue to be a role model for vVv members?
    After becoming and Elite Member I will continue to be a role model by doing the little things that can make a persons life easier, and just keep doing what I always do, I have spoken with so many members who have left or have thought about leaving and really tried to get them to see the bigger picture in everything. Some of those members are still with us today and others well... are not. Just by gaining an Elite Member tag does not change the person who I am. I am and will always be Perilous *The nicest guy you will meet* *Helpful person with a good heart* *The Jolly Old Gamer*

    I am vVv Perilous I am ELITE!

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