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    I'm Asian - Not Really Though
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    Playing golf, Hanging out with good people, Playing video games competitively, and just relaxing while watching a funny movie.

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  1. Good luck on your app? Do you stream ever or have some video of your gameplay? I would love to see it sometimes, but I kinda refuse to play fortnite.
  2. Shiba Inu named Arya who is simply the best
  3. Signed up. Still got my old character too!
  4. With Gears of War set to come out for early access this week I am looking to get some new names on my Xbox friends list to play with. If you are planning to play this game leave your gamertag here in this topic.
  5. C9 Reverse sweeping all the way to worlds... I wanna go with momentum but it is a long lull from season finals. Smart money is obviously on Korean and Chinese teams but I can see an American team doing some surprising stuff.
  6. I am on server The Bastion and I do not believe it is out yet
  7. Hey everyone, It has been a little while since I have been on the forums but I thought I would come back to see if anyone has any interest in coming to join me in playing SWTOR in the new expansion. Please message me on here if you have any interest. It looks like our guild is still up and running just no one logs on. Let's bring it back! Regards, Perilous
  8. Anyone up for casting with me? I would love to be the color commentator but also one who knows what is going on. Basically just fun! PM me if interested.
  9. Can we reset and run through 1 to 60 again at some point?
  10. Soap is one of the people I play with. Definitely a good guy still evaluating skill but pretty decent thus far.

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