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  1. why you checking out my pic? :)

  2. also i heard cube ripped it up
  3. good job...i thought you would get first but all in all great effort
  4. question was answered in a previous post...its mobdeep again for anyone who wants to know
  5. oh cool goodluck. im pretty sure you guys got it locked.
  6. przm

    Cell Application

    Thanks people
  7. 132k signatures and counting...spread the word every1! put it in your IRC channels (if allowed) and on your xfire. I mean the game will have no competitive aspect...
  8. przm

    Cell Application

    Thank you for the support.
  9. Whats good is how the entire COD community and other communities are taking action as one to stop this problem. On my xfire every COD player has the petition as their link. Please everyone send the petition link to everyone you know
  10. przm

    Cell Application

    ty =)...we can play more when the next beta phase comes...hopefully soon
  11. przm

    Cell Application

    Alright cool. Yeah but now I play less due to a paper due in 3 days...so I will be semi-inactive this week..and a bit next week due to a midterm. After that I'm good to go for a bit! add me on xfire cell95 or ingame CellLoL we can play. Just so every knows, you missed the tourney deadlines which starts tomorrow and winners all get some good headset. More tournaments will occur though P.S. PMurph I love your The Office avatar

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