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    vVv Bagzli


    Honestly, I believe this was the wrong approach. I really don't mean to offend anyone and I am very sorry if you take it the wrong way but here is my opinion if you care for it. So far mentality of every president that got on board was, chop, chop and chop. Sadly I made the same mistake as well and in all honestly, I have not seen a single positive thing to come out of it. I learned from this mistake and here is me trying to share what I learned so you don't repeat it. Recently we chopped away 90% of out discord members in a day, why? Because they were not active, and now they never will be. Why don't we go and chop 90% of our twitter followers? its the same thing as far as I see it, they don't follow nor re-post our content anyway, so whats the point, we can delete the account, create it again and start over. I honestly see that no different than what has been done so far with discord. I think its high time we realize that discord is a platform for advertising, socializing, information sharing and so much more all spun in one. Its best of every world (social media platform wise) and I feel we just threw that away. We can use it to have a following so much more immersive than any other website you can name. And for the chunk of people that is there and not involved, I don't see as a problem but rather an opportunity to get them involved. Maybe I understood it wrong when @vVv Doomhammer explained it to me all those years ago. Maybe I even misunderstood as I sat in Mumble server listening to @vVv LordJerith promoting @vVv sK1ppY to an honorary member back then, but it went something along like this. Skippy, you have done so much for our community that I am promoting you to an honorary member, that means you can never be chopped and is a way of the community thanking you for your hard work, donations and effort you have put in. You have done so much, you earned your V's for life. Now Jerry may not have used those words exactly, but that is what I understood him say behind his speech, and that is one of the key moments that made me want to stay involved with vVv through all the hardships I have watched it go through. So if I understood it wrong then that is on me, but if I haven't then I really think that chopping the honorary members is the wrong way to go. I understand the problem of getting honorary status and washing your hands away. I always saw this as an issue as I tried very hard to get people engaged back and had next to no success with anyone holding the honorary title. I back then decided that it wasn't the right problem for me to fix so I focused on building new content with new members as oppose to relying on the old who kept giving "making vVv great again" speech i keep seeing everywhere. I now find myself wishing I gave this problem a bit more thought and action back then, seeing where its going next. I don't like to be the person who just whines and complains, I like to be the person who bring a solution to the table, so I would like to offer a suggestion. And before I get into it, I just want to make it clear that I fully appreciate the great deal of time and effort invested in giving this matter a thought. I know it wasn't an easy decision and I know you debated it for a while and I hope you don't find my words too harsh as I really mean well and want you to succeed. The first thing is I believe that as oppose to chopping honorary members flat out and giving them some ultimatum, you try to understand them and actually ask them what they want. Will you ever come back? What will it take? Ask every person individually. If you really want to understand the problem then don't make a single post and expect answers, you have to get into those one on one conversations and actually hear the person and understand what they are saying, not just hear them, but really understand them. The second thing is, a lot of you here supporting this chop would of gotten chopped by your definition when I took over, I cant name very many of you that I see here to have come back to support vVv Gaming when I took over. You all went away and it doesn't matter why. So if I cut ties with you back then, well you wouldn't be here now coming back trying to rebuild. I see the members of vVv Gaming come and go in waves and these honorary members return every so often to come back and try to help. They have long periods of inactivity but they do come back eventually and try to help, even if its a post here and there offering their peace of mind. I always found those helpful. By chopping them, we are officially saying that we do not appreciate the work they did. So why on earth would they want to come back later? So the root of the problem as I see it is that the honorary role was meant to say, you did so much thank you. But it seems you want the honorary role to now also mean active to some degree. So why not archive (I wish I could find a better word to describe this) instead of chop. Why not still recognize people we are removing for what they did as oppose to flat out saying good bye. So the Honorary Role could still mean all those great things, but it can also mean the person is active to some degree and for those honorary members who no longer wish to be active at the present time, we simply move them to a historic role where their accomplishments are listed. We recognize the time and effort they put in, we acknowledge them still but also show that they are no longer actively involved in the community. And if they want to come back tomorrow and become active again, they can and we can move them back to honorary, it saves everyone feelings and we continue to thank them for their hard work. And we can decide on who to keep honorary and who to keep historic by talking to them individually. After all the work they put in, I think the least we can do is show them a bit of gratitude and respect by reaching out to them personally instead of some massive post of get active or get chopped. Bottom line is, I feel this was the wrong move and I feel it sends a wrong message to anyone who wants to get involved with vVv Gaming moving forward.
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    vVv Hoagie

    Volunteers for CGN'S?

    Hosted a quickly put together CGN on CoD last night and had a good turn out. I'm sure with a stable schedule the turn out will grow and I have no problem hosting.
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    vVv Exodus

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    vVv Gaming will no longer support Gears 5 competitively. We will fully support Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. We will do an in house tournament, I will get with staff when I get back from the beach to discuss the details of this. Per my conversation with vVv Savior, Gears audience has thousands, CoD has millions, I 100% agree. As a result, we will have two CoD teams representing vVv Gaming instead of one. GB also supports CoD not Gears 5 and the availability of tournaments for Gears is awful. We already have vVv Exile and vVv Hoagie starting one of them up now, the second will follow shortly. vVv Skeensyy is in charge of our CoD division, everything goes through him. I want to be CRYSTAL CLEAR, you will NOT be a vVv team till Skeensyy and I find you worthy to be. So Exile’s team will not be a vVv team until they prove they can win, same goes for the 2nd team. Good luck to all that try for this, I'm excited and I know all of you will be as well. Thank You, vVv Gaming
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    re-introduction ex vVv

    Hi again! So it's been a while since I've been round here. I use to have my V's back in 2014/15 during Call of Duty ghosts and Advanced Warfare. If you don't know I left mainly because playing on different teams for CoD just ended up with a conflict of interest. So since I'm thinking of coming back I thought I'd re introduce myself, I will say it's good to see some names that I still recognize around here like Bizkit, DulceArma and a few more I'm Mike, back when I had my V's I was known as Echelon but as of recently I renamed myself to Nanotrox and I've been focusing a lot more on streaming and it feels right to come back to vVv now and maybe even re apply for my V's, and back then I also use to play in CoD tournaments at LAN events, played in a lot of them placing in lots of different places in various CoD games I pretty much stream Warzone only atm but some other games do get thrown in here or there. I use to help out and play in the CDL (Cod Draft League) that vVv hosted back in AW honestly that was so much fun I'll hopefully be able to play and maybe help out in some CGN's soon Best moment from when I use to have my V's (See pics) I can't wait to get back involved with this awesome community once more! and get some of that awesome new merch! still got all my old vVv merch jersey, shirt, jumper, mouse mat I might have left, but I never stopped representing
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    vVv D1splacement


    Greetings y'all, figured I'd tell ya a little bit more about myself. I'm a dad of 2 young kids, 1 and 5 y.o. whom currently keep my sanity at a bare minimum haha. I have been gaming all my life, ever since the good ol' floppy drive days. I love me some Gears, CoD (currently on MW), and I just upgraded my gaming PC rig, so hopefully I can play some low-tier graphics games. Minimally I'm hoping to play some Gears Tactics on it etc. Feel free to hit me up anytime you see me on, if I can't game right then it's probably because of the wifey and the chit-lins. Glad to be here with y'all! GT d1splacement
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    vVv F R 0 o T x

    vVv Logo

    We have our winner! Its C! just kidding We will return back to logo A! Thank you everyone for your input! I will start converting everything back to our logo!
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    I donated 👍👍👍👍👍👍
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    vVv Saturn


    I can't, and won't speak on behalf of anybody but myself (so I'm a little biased). In my experience of being a member, staff member, and now honorary member I have come to learn the long way of what defines each tier of member. @vVv B1zkit mentioned putting a definition for what makes an honorary member...honorary, so here's mine. Becoming an honorary member is truly the pinnacle of what defines this community. To become members, we have all undergone trials to prove we can belong to the pack, whether it be activity on these forums, (shoutout to) the shoutbox, whichever voice platform we have called home, various community game nights or tournaments, or just playing with other current members. When chosen, the ultimate test was the interview which has welcomed all of us to this family. The difference between members and staff members is small, and in theory should be non-existent. It is the duty of all members to uphold the standards set by the community, however, staff focus those efforts in one particular direction or role. Honorary members, in theory, embody the ultimate in characteristics reflected by the community as a whole having left their energy, passion, and accomplishment back into the community that originally gave them that opportunity. Many of them leave for personal reasons and are required to step away for those reasons. Chopping honorary members, regardless of their inactivity, is a decision I disagree with entirely. By chopping these honorary members, it is disregarding whatever contribution they have made which is the platform by which we all enjoy the sense of family and belonging that has been created. To reiterate LordJerith's point: dialogue, in this scenario, is paramount. These members, all of them, have been in this family and have drifted away for reasons that are their own and 48 hours is an absurd amount of time to provide such an ultimatum. Throughout my involvement here: @vVv Bagzli is spot on and I believe his solution is at the very least a starting point in that dialogue.
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    vVv has always been a place where the community can improve at the games they're playing with like minded members and gamers. Back in the Gears of War days, we used to have threads sharing feedback with each other on where we could improve and also share what we're trying to work on so that others could help support us. I'll kick this off! What I'm trying to improve during April on CoD: learn call-outs on competitive maps learn map choke-points, spawn points, and rotations for respawn game modes SnD setups learn more about class-setup options and create my own custom class setups based on my play-style I'm not a competitive player, but when I play, I prefer to win and I believe the above will help make me a better player. If anyone has resources or ideas for how I can improve on the above, I welcome them! I also welcome everyone to post the areas that they are trying to improve on. It could be with a specific weapon (SMG/AR), game mode (SnD, HP, Dom), flaw in your play-style (being too aggressive/patient), improving communication, etc.
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    vVv Milkyy

    What is a Community Member?

    What is a vVv Gaming community member? What are the benefits of joining the vVv Gaming community? What does it mean to be "toxic"? What do I do if I encounter a toxic player within the community? What is adding value and why should I do it (and why shouldn't I do it)? What is activity and why is it important? What do I do if staff isn't giving my division/game proper attention?
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    vVv Stitches

    Volunteers for CGN'S?

    I’ll 100% host gears and I’m sure Hoagie would do the cod. I’ll host whatever other games people want to play as long as I have it
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    Good afternoon vVv Gaming, vVv Gaming is proud to announce vVv Milkyy as the new President of vVv Gaming as well as vVv Fr0ot x as the new Vice President of vVv Gaming. Both are going to do an amazing job with the organization, they have many great ideas, the future is bright with them at the helm. vVv Milkyy has been in vVv for over 10 years and was a valued member of staff years ago with a wealth of knowledge and vVv Fr0ot x has been in the same amount of time I have which is 13 years. vVv Fr0ot x used to build/code our website so anything site related he will be able to handle, he is a huge asset. I am not going anywhere, as I stated in my previous post I am now an Executive board member of vVv Gaming with vVv RobZGod, vVv LordJerith the owner and vVv Doomhammer. We all have a wealth of knowledge and will lead them all the way, we are excited for the new direction vVv Gaming is going. The community is going to thrive and make vVv shine. Stay tuned for more, thank you all for being apart of vVv Gaming. Thank you, vVv Exodus
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    Would like to thank vVv Bizkit for taking the highlights of the meeting and sending them to me after and for providing an example (attached to post) of the 30-60-90 day plan he mentioned. This is the current plan going forward of things to be done currently where capable and once we have established a new Staff team. Anything I've added to each point will be in italics just to help expand a little on the idea. If anyone has any questions, comments, or issues regarding any of these things please post them here! - Create an SCI survey to gauge the consensus of the community. (After new Staff is assigned) - Potentially create Call of Duty Boot Camp to teach willing players. Community GameBattles team is the start of this, CGNs can also be an initial point to teach on a larger scale until we devise a better system to do this. - CDL but as a public meet and greet to the community. - Record your playtime anyway you can. Review with yourself and other members. Stream as often as possible if possible! Even though we lack a content manager for the YouTube channel we still need to make/store as much content as possible so we can start getting more exposure for vVv!!! - No Pro team due to franchise. How do we use vVv value proposition to help recruit and train amateur players. - Post threads that provide resources to refer back to and help: 1) Learn maps 2) Rotations 3) Roles 4) Classes I plan on looking up map overview images for each competitive map in the pool and marking the HardPoint locations, call outs, etc. Can also post the major class setups used. Will rely on the other major comp players to assist. - Discord meet and greets for potential applicants. Try to hold monthly meetings if possible as a way for new members to the community to meet everyone and to discuss where we are at/where we are going - Set requirements to label community teams: 1) 30 days together 2) GBs? 3) Community engagement 4) Record of scrims? 5) etc. I said this in the meeting and I will reiterate here once again in regards to outside players. ANY OUTSIDE PLAYERS/TEAMS MUST JOIN THE FORUMS AND DISCORD AND INTERACT WITH AND BECOME PART OF THE COMMUNITY IF THEY WISH TO REP vVv, NO EXCEPTIONS!!! - Clean house of negative members after exhausting other options to help them. This is in regards to community members/apps having issues with one another if any arise. We're all adults here so handle any issues in DMs between just the two of you, contact any mods/staff if issues can't be resolved in the correct manner privately. - Create a 30-60-90 day plan with staff and CoD lead to have progress. Theodere_Molling_30-60-90.pptx
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    Azhir Cave (Preferred Start Team: Allegiance) If you start on bad side your first goal should be to flip the spawns by rotating through hill locations 3--->5 and to the back building. You want to hold spawns on this side of the map most, if not all, of the map. 1. Town Center 2. Cave East 3. Soccer Field 4. Cave West 5. Cliff Path Gun Runner (Preferred Start Team: Coalition) If you start on bad side you want to fight your way through hill 4 and wrap behind hill 2 to gain spawns you want. If your team doesn't win the gun fights needed to do so you can flank through the opposite side of map for control (not preferred). For hills 3, 4, 5 you want spawns by hill 5. 1. Center Platform 2. Munition Depot 3. Mine Entrance 4. Cargo Containers 5. Shipping Warehouse Hackney Yard (Preferred Start Team: Coalition) If you start bad side your first goal is to push left side of map past hill 4 and into the back area of hill 2. Building control that hill 4 is in (green building) and top L control are crucial throughout the entire map! 1. Warehouse 2. Tire Shop (Upstairs) 3. Smokestack (Square area ground level) 4. Office (Bottom level by stairs) 5. Dock Building (Bottom level) Rammaza (Preferred Start Team: Allegiance) If you start on bad side you want to push through hill 5--->hill 2 and to where the player arrow is to flip spawns. You can this spawn side all game if your team is slaying out the opposition as you can spawn trap them for hills 3 & 5 easily. If not you can hold spawns behind 3 & 5 for those hills but risk getting trapped yourself. 1. Bridge 2. Electronic Shop 3. Barber Shop 4. Construction (Bottom level) 5. Ruins St. Petrograd (Preferred Start Team: Coalition) If starting bad side you want to push up the left side of map (water side) and get behind hill 4 to control spawns. You will want to keep control of these spawns most of the map. 1. Shipping Area 2. Cafe 3. Hazmat Building (Bottom level) 4. Pool Hall/Bar 5. Restaurant
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    Congratulations fellas. More than happy to see you both step up to the task at hand. And cant wait to see what you have in store for us. Theres much work to be done, but well get it done now. And as always, if theres anything you need help with dont hesitate to ask me.
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    Congrats guys! Now let’s actually get some shit done 😬❤️
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    vVv Exodus

    A Message from vVv Exodus

    Good evening vVv, I'll keep this short and sweet. I've had a lot of members messaging me with what is going on with staff, vVv etc. Staff and I had a very good discussion the other day, we all love vVv Gaming, all still in vVv Gaming for life. With that said, after a long discussion everyone decided it was best to part ways as a staff. Burn out? sure, this insane Corona virus mess? Yes amoung other things. This hits home financially for all of us, we as a nation will survive but this is scary as hell. With that said, I spoke with vVv LordJerith and resigned as President of vVv Gaming. I am on the Executive board for vVv Gaming, this is permanent. I'm still here and I'm not going anywhere, I'm vVv for life. Now, I and vVv LordJerith are looking for two people that want vVv Gaming to be their full time job, entrepreneurs as you will. These individuals need to have a strong drive and ability to raise money and build a business plan. vVv LordJerith will assist with the business plan and get them in touch with investors. These two people will interview with LordJerith and I, they also will directly answer to him and I. If you're interested private message me, 20 plus, no teens, I want serious inquiries only. I succeeded and failed, I learned a lot, if I let anyone down I apologize. I always meant well. Merch is still available, i'll see about getting hoodies asap. I feel this is the best thing for vVv Gaming, we need two people that have the time for it, with a job and a wife I unfortunately don't anymore. I will seek someone to be in charge of Discord, steamers, YT editor etc will come with time. All of you stay, have fun and as soon as I have an update you'll all know. This isn't the end, its only the beginning. Again, I'm going nowhere, I'll game with you and if you need me I'll be more than happy to talk about whatever. I'm still running the show per say, so again, if you need me I'm here. Apps that need interviews will go through me still. Thank you, vVv Exodus
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    vVv Stitches

    A Message from vVv Exodus

    Proud of you and honestly disgusted at the people who left. At a time like this we should all be here together to help us all get over it instead of leaving but hey that’s just me. Love ya ❤️❤️
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    vVv Community Cod Team

    Hey Everyone! I recently got approval from Skeensyy to create a Community Team for Cod MW. My mindset is as follows: A- Help boost our exposure in the competitive scene B- Help us play together on a competitive level while also working on making ourselves the best we can be C- This could also be a platform that breeds the possibility for a competitive (professional) team If anyone is interested in participating in this feel free to message me here or in the Discord! I look forward to playing with everyone!
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    vVv Exodus

    Phryme Application

    You’re ready for an interview, get with NerdProblms to set everything up.
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    vVv Vall

    Bye Bye Bye for a little bit

    Well its finally around the corner Monday I ship out to basic training fort Jackson. I wont have any type of access to the internet for awhile though I will get 10 days off for Christmas so I may make an appearance here an there but I wont be back till around sometime end of January beginning of February.
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    Austin61898 Application

    Great guy and a really good friend. Good luck on your application homie 🤟
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    Yo5h application

    Wow thank you for such a kind comment. It’s been nothing but fun since I’ve joined the discord and stuff. The cgn for gears, playing rl with you and nando, the rl tourney. I feel very grateful to have people to talk and play with. 🤙
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    vVv Minjaaa


    Welcome to the community man, glad to see you apply! Have you joined our discord server yet?
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    Been a while since I've said hi, sent a donation hope you can put it to good use!
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    vVv Milkyy


    All, I’ve been taking a back seat since posting this, in order to take time to listen to members and the community to be able to move forward with this. Whilst many of you have taken the time to raise concerns or comments, this isn’t something out of the ordinary when a Chop List is announced. Although some of you may disagree, I feel this has shown a positive reaction. Whilst some vVv “Honorary Members” sit within the Discord but haven’t engaged or been on the site for mass extent of the time, they are now engaging somewhat more than they have done in recent weeks/months/possibly years. Whilst I disagree with some comments, as President, I feel there needs to be a happy medium, something we need to listen to. I do feel those recent members who have made their cases heard, have a point which we should listen. For those who have reached out to me it’s appreciated, along with members sharing their thoughts over the matter. Jerry’s comments on three points of what might an Honorary Member face are detailed below. Honorary member doesn't game anymore and therefore understands they are getting chopped, and respects the decision They become active again They explain to Milkyy why they can't be active now, but would like to remain. Which a number of you have done recently which I appreciate. vVv Community Members - for those who are active within the community and want to engage in community game nights, publicly text chat or talk via voice comms to other members, help new applicants, post within our forums and promote vVv through their social channels. Honorary Members - earned through achievements by the leadership team and will gain the v’a for life. Although, where possible we would like some activity, we all would like to keep in touch! We will make changes within Discord by taking suggestions onboard from this post and these will be put in place tonight. We have already taken measures to decrease voice comms for games that aren’t as popular anymore or participated in along with those titled game chats. This said, there will be a removal of vVv Member Chat and replaced into a Community Member Chat for everyone including applicants to engage with. So, in summary and on reflection from all responses, here is what’s going to happen. Honorary members will be removed from the chopping block and remain as normal. The community have made it clear they still want to respect the fact they are inactive within the community or not. Community members listed below will remain within vVv after reaching out to me and on discussion positive outcome has been made. I hope those listed will reach out to me in time vVv Samona This highlights a time where the community has come together and made their voices heard, it’s down to the leadership team and myself to stand back, listen, take note and make those decisions. I think we have done that. I’m happy to say this should conclude the dialog and move forward together.
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    vVv LordJerith


    I think what Bagzli says is the right approach. It's worth reaching out to people and asking before just chopping. I suggested yesterday to maybe put a Facebook post and e-mail letting members know that there is new leadership and that the new leadership want to understand what we could offer them to come back. At this point, dialogue is important. It doesn't mean you can't cut them, I am just suggesting of all the things to do,, you want more dialogue with people, not less.
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    vVv Savior

    Hey Hal Jordan

    When we host game nights we’ll announce it in the discord and you can just ask for an invite there, as far as helping the community we can talk on xbox and i’ll explain some things, glad to see enthusiasm.
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    vVv D1splacement

    Gridiron Ladder for PGL

    I’m very interested! Gotta get those skins haha, I’ll submit my application here too!
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    Congrats and wishing you best of luck on your attempt to turn things around
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    Thanks everyone! With the direction of the board, Milkyy and myself, we've got some awesome stuff planned
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    Congrats! Let's get to work shall we!
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    Fellow vVv members, maybe this wasn't the right place to submit this however, as a community I feel it has a level of relevance on determining who is going to take vVv forward. First of all, I would like to show a great level of respect for Scott (vVv Exodus) known him since '08 when I was amongst the staff here and where vVv was making big waves! Scott has kick started vVv Gaming again, bringing back so many old faces which all add value to vVv Gaming in their own right. Scott deserves the upmost appreciation, even though he mentions he feels he failed vVv which rest assured, non of us think this! Much love bro! Heres for the nitty gritty...... As much as I would like to see as many ex vVv Gaming come back, I would love to be able have the community attract new recruits that would love to represent our organisation. Highlighting the fact that we are looking to push back into the competitive competition where vVv made its name worldwide! However, our strategy will always remain the same for coming into vVv Gaming, and it should still be pretty clear.. You need to earn those vVv's, not by just by being around the shoutbox and Discord, or playing with certain vVv Members... you need to go the extra mile, we represent the organisation in many ways and with today's social networks is still a very crucial tool that is well worth implementing. Sharing vVv content with your social media channels - Twitter should still be a must, along with shares to Facebook where possible. ---------------------------------- Things I would consider to change.. Logo For most, your probably sigh...... However, even though we have only recently re-developed the logo, I do still feel that the logo is still well apart from what it would have been, the logo is the main thing you look at when building a brand to also build an element of interest. The logo for me still looks too clan and unprofessional - I know there will be many that will disagree and some may come forward to agree with these comments, but to have a modern, authentic, stand out / wow factor esports logo is what is needed to really kickstart us again. ----------------------------------- The 5 Pillars - dated back in 2019. Social Events One of the underlying messages I keep hearing is that people want to play together. We are here because we're gamers, and playing games together is one of the core elements of vVv. Activities this should include are community game nights in specific titles, streamer viewing parties, and tournament viewing events. Professional Networking and Support Once upon a time vVv got people jobs in the games industry. Well that time is still now, but we can expand the opportunities beyond the games industry. We can support the people who want to hone games industry skills (community management, event coordination, etc.) and also support members who want to become streamers, influencers, and content creators. Specifically for Streamers, this is a symbiotic relationship. Streamers represent vVv, vVv supports streamers (viewers, retweets, etc), and that system could build some real steam once it gets momentum. Central business activity Several people mentioned bringing back tournaments and vVv-supported competition. These can become the nexus around with the organization rotates, giving our competitive members a chance to compete, our staff something to build, our community something to cheer for, and our streamers something to build on. "But what game should we compete in?" I hear you ask. All of them! No one just plays one game anymore, we rotate through them as they get stale. vVv's tournament should be more like the PAX Omegathon, where your final result is dependent on your performance in several different games (just an idea, is this too crazy?). Making new Friends This is another big part of why we're here. We want to be a part of a community of friends and fellow gamers. That should infuse everything we do, and all of our activities should be built to support it. Classy Environment One of the earliest things I heard about vVv Gaming was that it should be a place where any member is someone I'd want to play games with. We've always kept out, or removed, people who didn't fit the culture, and we should continue to do the same now. Part of this is holding each other accountable, and part of it is moderation, but we should maintain that culture of "I could play games with everyone here." ----------------------------- Application Process: The application process shouldn't be in a set timescale, should be noticed by the adding value of the applicant, and (or) referral from a vVv Gaming Member that they believe they are ready for interview stages. The same process would apply to applications/applicants that go inactive for more than 30 days. If your away for this time period your application will be closed and you will need to restart the process from the beginning. Staff Positions - vVv Gaming only needs a small team to develop the need for more positions, as vVv grows again. To start with the site will need the following Staff Positions: - Assistant of Ops - assisting with Presidents tasks, whilst there is a small time difference with being in the UK - a US representative would be essential. - Admin x2 - site forum needs a clean up - this will be a challenging task to get through but essential. - Community Gameplay Manager. - Applications Representative - making sure that all applications have been contacted/replied to - introducing themselves, and giving further information to the new applicants that they would feel useful. Members: - The famous Chopping Block - for those who have been here to remember, this was at times the harsh hand that met those who did not add value to vVv Gaming and in doing so was dropped from the organisation. This Chop List will not be brought into play for awhile unless reasonably practical to do so.. - we need to build the community and most of the time, we live busy lives where it isn't always possible to be active on the site, the key point is adding Value, if you aren't doing so, you may face the chop. Community Gameplay: Get yourself involved by playing with both applicants and vVv Members - This is what the community is all about, enjoying the gaming but also meeting friends along the way. The likes of holding a vVv Gaming Community Gameplay every Friday or Saturday evening where we will all try to battle it out. The idea would be to bring the competitive spirits out. Community Tournaments: This is something that I think would get the community buzzing.. We all love the tournament's right?! How about adding a Community Tournament with a Prize Fund? Each person who wants to enter the tournament would pay an entry fee of $5/$10 - or if you have a team you can enter $20/$25. The winner or winning team would receive a Prize Fund of 60% of total entry value. Sponsors: This is something that I would be looking to bring into vVv Gaming - on the basis to help our competitive push and for fellow gamer(s) alike. Donations to vVv Gaming: We would like to ask for your support, especially through this period by donating again to vVv Gaming, it doesn't matter how small your donation is, as this is adding to bring better things to you all here at vVv Gaming. Min donation would be $5.00. Donations would be put towards the site upgrades, running of the site or to be able to bring you all amazing content/must haves or simply bringing back the vVv Gaming Merchandise. Donations can be given just because you want to donate, this is another great way to add value. Merchandise: This is something I may look to redesign and get back out there for you all at vVv. Times are changing into the way t-shirts and jumpers are made and we can make clothing casual with the presence to still be noticed of who we are! Overall we would like to increase the Hall of Fame at vVv Gaming: Hopefully one day, we can increase our competitive gaming achievements and increase the list of honours that grace vVv Gaming as it does today. -------------------------- For now, this is just the beginning, to consider my interest... appreciate any feedback or comments. Kr, Milkyy.
  35. 2 points
    I agree and disagree with some of these statements. I feel that since vVv became a community rather than esports organization it has fallen apart. This change is part of what made it so dead, vVv took out all consoles, switched to rocket league only, then became a clan. A family friendly play together group. I get that everyone grew up. It’s life, but that doesn’t mean that everyone in vVv is too old to compete, or that anyone is too old to just play for fun. It should be both, having competition creates a place for gamers to flock to, thats what made me find vVv in 2010. Everyone who remembers vVv remembers from the competitive not the family game night. The late night Gears of War scrims, The hardcore MLG events. The Black Ops 2 hopefuls, The LoL underdogs. That is who we are. I like your ideas of it being a startup, and a membership meaning something. The community makes that happen, we go out we dominate and make people remember The V’s that’s what this community has been and will always be to me.
  36. 2 points
    I would support both you and Froot working together. The opportunity here is a big one. My suggestions (feel free to disagree): 1) vVv should be a start-up focused on raising funds. I think this should be a real business. This is something that when funds are raised, people should be paid like real jobs. I want to see a business plan 🙂 2)This should not focus on esports anymore. That ship has sailed. The next challenge we have in gaming is about large-scale social communities. Maybe vVv should be run more like a gym, country club or lounge/bar. I think the main problem is that many formerly hard-core gamers got jobs and families and now have less time. They need something aimed at the mid-core gamer or former hard-core gamer. 3) I think the only way to guarantee that everyone has fun and a good time is by controlling membership. There is a reasons that people join certain clubs/groups It's because they want to be around good people. Good members are everything, and to attract good members vVv must add value to their lives (as any good service does).
  37. 2 points
    vVv F r 0 o T x for VP 2020, I've got a few ideas, almost like I've done this before
  38. 2 points
    As we all know growing the Call of Duty division is something that is of high interest here in vVv and we one day hope to step back into the world of competitive CoD with a sponsored team traveling to events representing us with a massive community supporting them every step of the way. The ideal situation for when this happens is to have a team full of community members instead of picking up a team from outside of vVv. I know that many of the people in the CoD division now are interested in getting more involved in the competitive side of the game and the best way to start doing this is with the GB community team. However, even with the team made and people on the roster nothing is happening with it and we need to change that. After talking with Skeensy over the past few days he has asked me to step up and oversee the CoD division and I have accepted his offer. This post is to get everyone's feedback on what days and times would work best for getting this GB community team playing games and start working towards growing vVv CoD. If you aren't currently on the team and have an interest in join please message me here or on Discord. You do NOT have to have any competitive experience of any kind to join this team and any platform is allowed! Back when I originally joined vVv in 2010 one of the focuses we had was to develop talent from within vVv and I would like to use this team to do that once again for anyone who wants to learn. Please pick what days and time (times listed in the poll are just examples that we will fine tune once we have a better idea when people would like to play) so that we can start playing and growing this division.
  39. 2 points
    vVv NerdPrblms

    Old man here

    Seeing old members coming back makes my heart happy! So glad to see you back!
  40. 2 points
    vVv Semi3028


    Name is kasey GT is semi3028 I am very competitive gamer pretty much play cod looking for a group to run it up on GBs,umgs,scrims,tourneys,league’s eventually I live out side of Fort Wayne,IN this is a short introduction hmu if your trying to run it up in pubs also
  41. 2 points
    vVv Exodus

    Phryme Application

    Perfect just wanted to make sure my friend! Make sure you get with NerdPrblms and set it up 🙂
  42. 2 points
    vVv JoeExotic

    Phryme Application

    Will do! I'll check in with her after the holidays
  43. 2 points
    vVv Hoagie

    New 2020 Consoles Hype!

    I'll still be getting both. Which one I get first will depend on the exclusives they announce.
  44. 2 points
    Just saw Joker today. I think the movie does a great job at making you feel so uneasy throughout the entire film. Watching that movie, I never saw Joaquin Phoenix, rather I saw a disturbed Joker if that makes sense. Some other notable mentions are The VVitch and Midsommar. Really great flicks that give you the feeling of being extremely uneasy and uncomfortable rather than cheap jump scares. Lastly, I just realized I created this topic 8 years ago!
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    Hello vVv Fam! Every year, I participate in the Extra-Life Day of Gaming for kids, however, this year, I am unable to participate on November 2nd SO, I am doing mine on October 25th. This just so happens to also be the day that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launches (weird how that works huh?). I will be doing a 24 hour stream for both the charity and the release of the game. I will run from 12 am CT to 12am CT on the 25th and will have giveaways going the entire time. The best part...ANY and all donations, subs, bits etc. will be donated to the vVv Charity campaign in the vVv name. If you want to participate or donate, visit our page here: vVv and Extra-Life Now, let's get down to business. Starting at 6pm ET on the 25th, I will be hosting a FREE tournament...The game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The mode: 2v2 Gun Fight. The platform: Players choice (we will take advantage of the cross-play functionality). There will be prizes for the top team and this is open to EVERYONE. If you are interested in participating, please DM me with your Activision Account name and your partners details as well. Entry closes on Wednesday the 23rd at 6pm ET. More details on the layout of the tourney will follow. The 25th is fast approaching and this charity/stream/tourney is going to be an amazing way to promote vVv, the community and raise money for kids. Don't forget to check out the link above for our donation page and even if you can't or don't want to donate, at least check out the stream on the 25th and participate in the chat! Twitch.tv/livevvvgaming Twitch.tv/vVvTibiryus
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    vVv ShamRock

    Shamrock application

    Name: Cody "shamrock" allen Age: 28 Location: Modesto, California Steam profile link: Battle.Net Tag: What is the game you are currently most active in and why? (only name one game) Apex Legends. It is the only game I find entertaining at this point until MW What are some other games that you currently play? OW, Blackops 4, WoW How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? I joined vVv in 2008 when I played Call of Duty competitively . Who do you currently know in vVv Gaming? How did you get to know them? Exodus, Jerry, Skeensy, and the list goes on. Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? Looking to play MW competitively again. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? Hiking, traveling, shooting, fishing, and drinking with good friends. How do you plan to add value to vVv Gaming? I bring nothing but raw talent and experience to to vVv. I have been around for a long time in the gaming industry and want to further implement my talents to the org. Do you attend LAN Events? Yes, last event was UMG Orlando 2015
  47. 2 points
    vVv Exodus

    Wolf application

    Holy crap you're app has been way too long! You're ready for an interview. Let me know ASAP when you are available on Discord and we will get this handled.
  48. 2 points

    AtrociousKillZ Application

    (First) post incoming: I remember you. Honestly, I remember wondering a few years back what you were doing at the time. Nice to see you, man. By the way, if you're playing Gears 5, I'm down to play. You can add me at: SergeantDew. -- Zeppelin (had to create a new account because I don't recall what my password/email was for my previous account)
  49. 2 points
    vVv Skeensyy

    CoD MW League

    A few guys I know IRL.. host a LAN every year for whatever CoD game is out, this year they wanna expand to a league (3v3-4v4). We tried this last year, couldn't get enough response to start, but with cross play happening I figure I could interest some guys in here who maybe have friends who wanna play as well. We wanna get like 5-6 teams.. try and have maybe a couple LANs during the year as well if it's feasible for people. Again, just trying to gauge interests but let me know here or on Discord as well as if you have any questions.
  50. 2 points
    vVv Exodus

    Destiny 2 vVv Clan and Raids

    I am def down for this!!!

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