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    B Easy

    Talent Spotlight - vVv Fatal EvO

    December is here, which means we have only a short wait until the "Year of Talent" is upon us. I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with vVv Fatal EvO to conduct the first of many Talent Spotlights, meant to highlight the most talented gamers within the vVv Gaming community. There's no better way to say goodbye to 2013 and kick off 2014 than to introduce the "hugging machine" himself! Let's get personal; what's your real name? Justin James Osborn How old are you, Justin? I am 21 years old, nice sir. Where are you located? I am located in a small town called Bradford, Ohio. If you could live anywhere you wanted to where would you choose? I would probably have to say upper New York, in the mountains. Do you work or go to school, or both? (Occupation or Major in school.) I graduated after two years in a Bible college with a certificate in general Bible studies, and I work at a Speedway affiliated gas station. I will be looking for a new job soon. What brought you to vVv? My friend Nick, vVv Fearless, and I were trying to get into competitive and find a team. Fearless looked for communities and we looked on the website. A couple days later, I put in my application. Which COD game was your favorite? Which were you the best at? Call of Duty: Black Ops II was my favorite and the COD that I was the best at. You competed at MLG Columbus with Hype Extinction.What was your favorite moment from the event? When we beat HITM and I dropped a 35 bomb on Octane Domination. What did you learn from the event that you’ll implement into your teams in the future? Learning to lose. Going from having really good potential to picking up two new people with only a week of chemistry messed with my mind. Crispee and I had really high hopes for the team that we went in with, but our confidence may have outweighed what we were actually capable of with such a fresh team. Now we know what it feels like to lose and we don’t want to be in that position again. How much time do you put into COD on a weekly basis? Do you think that’s enough to be on the professional level? Roughly 6-8 hours per day, maybe less if I am working a lot. Yes, I think a lot of teams practice between 6 and 10 hours per day, give or take a couple days for life getting in the way. What sort of value do you feel you've brought thus far to vVv? I feel like I’ve helped a lot of people. That was my number one goal coming into vVv was to help people become better gamers and better people. What do you envision for your future here in vVv? I am content where I’m at, but I like the new focus on talent in the COD division. It makes people strive to get better rather than sitting where they are at. It would be cool to get on the vVv pro team, but right now I am happy where I am at. What role do you play on your team? I am a slayer. How important is K/D or W/L overall? With COD: Ghost Win/Loss is important. Kill/Death is more crucial in this game than it was in Black Ops II because dying in this game takes time away from the playing field because in competitive play there is always a respawn delay. What is your favorite loadout for COD Ghost? Primary – Remington R5 Attachments – Red Dot, Muzzle Break Secondary – None Lethal – Grenade (in Dom and Search) Tactical – Concussion (in Blitz) Perks – Ready Up, Lightweight, Marathon, Quickdraw, Focus (Domination) Ready Up, Lightweight, Dead Silence, Quickdraw, Focus (Search and Blitz) What do you think is the best map/gametype combination in the game? Octane Domination Of all the games you've ever played (Not COD specific), which were you the most skilled at? Gears of War 1 What is the most unique thing about you, what makes you different? I’m a funny, charismatic guy. I tend to go with the flow and I enjoy making people laugh. What is your biggest flaw? My temper, when I get angry it messes me up in game. Who is your favorite video game character of all time? I have to go with Cole Train from Gears of War. I love that guy. Sweet or salty snacks? I’m gonna have to go with sweet, but I do love salt and vinegar chips. Maybe a solid tie. You can’t have sweets every day. Of the current batch of applicants, who have you seen showcasing real in-game talent? KBreezzyyy, not because he’s on my team, but that is WHY he’s on our team. Vall has also been showing real talent in game, she was wrecking in an 8’s lobby a couple nights ago. How long until you make the switch to Xbox One: Ghost? I would have to say January or February. Follow us on twitter, like our group on facebook and join in the fun on our mumble channel!
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    Talent Spotlight - vVv Fatal EvO

    Great interview! <3 Justin
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    Talent Spotlight - vVv Fatal EvO

    fatal is buns
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    vVv Application - The SourPretzL

    Thanks Guys! (: I'm glad your happy premie
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    vVv B1zkit

    NiT3mAr3KING's vVv RE-APP

    HEy bud noticed your vVv activity via twitter has diminished a bit and for the forums try expanding more outside of the applications threads. Theres an entire website to post and make new topics on wanna make sure everyones activity is up to par.
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    B Easy

    Talent Spotlight - vVv Fatal EvO

    What a great interview. On a more serious note it was a lot of fun to sit and chat with Justin and have what seemed like more of just a fun conversation, rather than a question-by-question interview. I look forward to sitting down with more of the talented individuals around the community.
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