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    I've been playing Infinite Crisis for several months now and have enjoyed the game immensly. I can easily see it becoming a part of the competitive gaming scene along with LOL and other popular MOBAs. I feel that it would be advantagous for vVv gaming to get a lead on other organizations by forming teams and becoming involved in the Infinite Crisis community. Despite the game still being in BETA, it plays very well and has a distinctive quality to it that I prefer over other games in this category. I can see great potential for IC and look forward to watching and participating in events related to it if it become a part of the vVv line up.
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    1.What is your competitive gaming background? I started gaming competitively about 2 years ago with SC2 where I reached low-mid masters as Protoss, Then took a little break from the compeditive gaming and casualy played some D3 and started playing a little MW3 and some DOTA2 but recently I have found my passion for gaming again with Infinite crisis. 2. What is the expected release date for this title? Link any relevant articles, videos or reviews. The official date is yet to be announced but the rumor is open beta will start late 2013/ early 2014 with the full game rumored to launch in mid-late 2014. As for playing the game right now beta keys are not to hard to get and i am willing to help some people get in to the game asap. 3. What makes this title special or different from its competitor? Why should we support it? This is simple, Batman (in my christian bail voice). But seriously the game takes a new twist on MOBAs with new game mechanics map objectives and champion skills but it still has some of the same feel as your current MOBAs and I belive this game can be even bigger than its predecessors. 4. What game does this new game remind you of? This game is a MOBA so it has lots of its roots in DOTA and LoL but with a DC comics twist 5. Does this game have developer support with necessary features such as LAN or spectator mode? The game is still in closed beta but there is already a custom game interface for all beta testers to use and the devs have a full LAN client with obs mode they bust out for pro show matches. 6. Have any major events or online tournaments taken notice of this game? Currently they have only had some show matches at pax and games con and MLG is doing a series of Champion spotlights that explain all the champions in the game so far 7. Is there a community hub for this game yet? If yes, please link and describe the site and community (website traffic, demographic, attitude of players and community) Yes there is a community site for Infinite Crisis that the developers manage, it is Infinite Crisis and there are also other community sites that have build guides and extensive information on the game such as Dawnbase: Infinite Crisis builds, stats, and database Here are some links to videos and other info on Infinite Crisis Infinite crisis YouTube, They have lots of videos showing behind the scenes of turbine and also champion headlight videos. http://www.youtube.com/user/InfiniteCrisisGame/videos Dawnbase. This is a site that has amassed all available info on the game and also has user submitted guides and even beginners tutorials Dawnbase: Infinite Crisis builds, stats, and database New player tutorial - http://www.dawnbase.com/tutorial Infinite Crisis Reddit lots of useful info on the community as a whole Infinite Crisis: Fight to save the Multiverse! Infinite crisis social media the place to get all the IC news as it happens Twitter https://twitter.com/InfiniteCrisis Facebook https://www.facebook.com/infinitecrisis
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    vVv B1zkit

    2 Spots open for our Hotel room.

    Me and vVv MetalFoot are staying at Sheraton Columbus Hotel at 75 East State Street · Columbus, OH 43215. It is .7 Miles away from the venue. If you want in please Contact me or Metal Foot.
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    vVv OrganicBear

    2 Spots open for our Hotel room.

    Just his bizkit.
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    2 Spots open for our Hotel room.

    Oh. My. God. This means I'm finally going to meet you IRL?!?!?!
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    vVv MMO Application - EpikGam3r

    Who do you currently know in vVv Gaming? How do you know them? Well, I know numerous applicants and vVv community members, so I don't think I'll list them all, just the well known ones. - vVv Dutch - vVv Frosty - HeYYiTzPaT - Stitches - Deadblow - EpicSaint - vVv MetalFoot - vVv Methris - vVv Mikeyy ...and many more. ^this says enough i am listed above hahaha.... good to see you back in the community man i hope you WILL enjoy youre stay here now and do youre best too earn them V's now bro, i know you are a good guy soo i wish you the best of luck and see you around epik
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    For anyone interested, I'll be streaming some of our matches this evening. Feel free to come by and check the game out, and ask any questions you may have! http://www.twitch.tv/jericho82
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    I feel vVv should support Infinite crisis for many reasons. 1. Its backed by DC comics a huge and highly known company with huge ties to fans across the world. 2. Many people love watching injustice already not to mention the main reason people don't play MOBA's is because they don't know the characters which we all know that won't be a problem for DC comic characters. 3. Sometimes what keeps a good game from being a great game is eyes! the more support the more pressure will be put to make the game even better and vVv could be apart of that . 4. I love the combat in DC and having a three lane map which is coming soon is going to have many more players from other Moba's jumping ship. this is just a few but i could go on and on vVv gaming this is and will be a great move so jump aboard or you might be this guy .
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    I love this game. I played LoL for about a year on and off, but it just never clicked with me the way this game did. It has its own unique features and tons of personallity thanks in a large part to its DC IP. Although it's still in beta, there are already a few pro-teams that have formed. I'm looking forward to this game's future as an e-sport. Also, if you're looking for a beta key: http://www.mmobomb.com/giveaway/infinite-crisis-beta-keys
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    It looks very interesting and a LoL or DotA with a DC twist looks exciting as hell to say the least. The game has potential and as long as both the community and the dev team are willing to make this title eSports worthy, then there's no telling what would happen. I support this title.
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    Have been with IC since late April, on daily playing. Very eager to see vVv involvement with Infinite Crisis as it continues to develop during closed beta. As stated I have a hand full of keys available if someone would like to join us for fun or competitive play. Thanks
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    I'm also a consistent IC player, and would love to see vVv get involved with this game. Even though it's currently in closed beta, it feels very solid, and I believe it will become a strong competition to other games, such as League and DotA 2. The IC team has already announced partnerships with MLG, and this would be a great chance for vVv to get involved at the ground level of the game and really make its presence known early. As Hector stated, beta keys are fairly easy to come by, and we should be able to help get one for people who are interested.
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    In a little over 30 mins 2 Pro LoL teams MyRevenge e.V. and TCM-Gaming will be doing an exhibition match of Infinite live on http://www.twitch.tv/infinite_crisis
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    Some cool Infinite crisis streams today and tomorrow, The first is the Infinite crisis developer community stream going on now (2pm est) http://www.twitch.tv/infinite_crisis and the other is a series of 2 show matches, the first is one of the semi-pro teams Kelevra Gaming: Blight and Vengeance e-Sports and the second is between TCM-Gaming and myRevenge e.V. for the full info on the show matches come here https://www.infinitecrisis.com/en/news/watch-pro-teams-play-live
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    vVv B1zkit

    MLG Columbus, November 22 - 24

    i am so in there!!!!!! some bucca, fire rituals, nude photoshoots = perfect vVv celebration night

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