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  2. Bro it lets you get on the game and the intro is already hyping me up lmao
  3. Hit us up on the Gears 5 tech test this weekend man glad you had your app reopened
  4. Yesterday
  5. Installing it now. I’m gonna be looking forward for full game release. I’m gonna be looking for a Comp Team
  6. The only real weekend I have to play is this weekend for Gears 5, ill be moving next weekend and all of august ill be living with my brother until my wife and I find a home but if i can get on some week nights i will I heard its definitely better now after activision left so ill come try it out again
  7. Ooooo I love this!!! Might have to add me on for one of the days 😏
  8. Starting this coming Monday, the vVv Twitch channel will have regularly streamed content 3 days a week. For now, this will be the schedule. More dates and times will be filled as we grow this channel once again. Previously used to host tournaments and nothing more, it will now provide content from our very own streamers within vVv! The schedule is as follows: Monday: vVv Tibiryus Morning/Afternoon Wednesday: vVv NerdProblems Evenings Friday: vVv VishousKing Evenings Be on the lookout for those live notifications! And if you havent already followed the channel, shame on you! 🤣 Twitch.tv/livevvvgaming
  9. Last week
  10. Hey you guys should re-teach me everything about destiny. I haven’t played in forever but I’m interested if we have a group thing going on here!
  11. Good luck Tribute! By any chance are you on the discord server already?
  12. I may have to get back into destiny this sounds like fun
  13. 2️⃣ 🍕🍺 🍆🤡🏰🌟📅👑
  14. We now have a vVv Clan for Destiny 2! Come check it out and get in here!! In honor of this launch we will be doing monthly giveaways for 500 Silver to use in game! We hope to see you there Guardian…. https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupid=2084155 Its raiding time!!! As we have recently revamped our clan and now have enough consistent players, raiding is feasible. I would like to start a schedule where we regularly raid eventually weekly for the clan engrams, but to start off we can aim for at least once a month. Also, the July giveaway is still on and will be drawn at the end of the month for our clan members, but to kick off our first raid, I will be doing a secondary giveaway to those who participate either in this one group or out of all the people who raid on their perspective platforms this weekend with clan members. First vVv raiding weekend. Below are the dates for this weekend, times, and raids. React to this post with the appropriate emotes and I will tally up the votes Thursday evening and post the decision. Day: 1️⃣= Friday, July 19th 2️⃣= Saturday, July 20th 3️⃣= Sunday, July 21st Time (open to flexibility just need a round about time to start then we can decide the exact times as we get the team together): ☕= 7am – 11am EST 🍔= 12pm – 4pm EST 🍕= 5pm – 9pm EST 🍺= 10pm – 2am EST Raids : 🍆= Levaithan LL min 300 🤡= Levaithan: Eater of Worlds LL min 300 🏰= Levaithan: Spire of Stars LL min 370 🌟= Last Wish LL min 550 📅= Scourge of the Past LL min 640 👑= Crown of Sorrow LL min 740 Giveaway: Just like our monthly clan members giveaway, this kick off raid giveaway will be for 500 Silver to be used in game. The people eligible for this giveaway will be those who participate on the full clan raid OR if you are on a platform that you cannot get a full raiding group of clan members, then you must raid with AT LEAST 1 other clan member.
  15. App reopened per your request, time starts over.
  16. Why do furries say stupid shite like “owo you gwowin stwon aren’t ye” like the wee cunts they talk to be like “aye Moira that spot on ave Ben on the furfag webshites”

  17. Yes! If you preordered the game or have game pass you can download the game on the 17th and start playing the 19th
  18. 17th as in this week??? I've missed a lot while offline yesterday apparently.
  19. Yea I'm sure I'll still have to download something for it, I'm sure a lot of those downloaded files are temporary. That they'll need to be updated for the beta and full game.
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