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  3. vVv Gaming is seeking a well qualified video editor. Responsibilities will be properly maintaining our YouTube channel, gathering good gaming clips from the community, editing them into 1-3 minute videos and uploading them at first twice a month. Depending on the response the frequency could change. The first thing they will do will be to create/ upload an introduction video with our new logo, I want it to pay homage to our past while showing what our future is. I want vVv Gaming’s name out there, YouTube is a huge outlet we’re going to use. If you’re interested or know of someone that would be a good fit, have them apply. For all that are interested, samples of your work are to be provided. If you’re in vVv and interested message me here or on Discord. Thank You, vVv Exodus
  4. I have it on Xbox, haven't really played too much because the crew that wanted me to play likes to speed through stuff and I lose interest.
  5. Giiiiiiiiirl. I will accept an invite for Monster Hunter almost any time of day if I am on my Xbox lol. If you ever want some help let me know! I will play this game with as many people as I can!
  6. I have been off and on again with Halo for the past few titles. I'm really excited and hoping this one knocks my expectations out of the park. I've got plenty of patience for them to take their time with this one. I'll be on Xbox for sure! :]
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  8. I haven't really played much Battlefield since 4, but I used to love the CQB maps and game modes. It was CoD game play but better looking and was super intense. Idk how I feel about a BR in Battlefield though. I'll have to watch a few games first.
  9. I'll use them eventually, but for now I love the disorganized chaos that is my iTunes library!
  10. Thanks man! Feel free to shoot me an invite whenever I am online. As long as I see it I will at least respond in a few minutes if I am busy. :] Thanks a lot! I'm pretty much always free on weekdays after 6pm EST and weekends are even better. Let me know what you want to play and when! :] Thank! Yeah it didn't take more than a few days to see this is still what I was looking for in a community. Looking forward to sticking around for a while this time! :]
  11. It’s sad that I agree that halo was the best console shooter but with that being said they haven’t been able to get anything right lately so we shall see
  12. If only the same could be said for Anthem....
  13. This is yet another game that I bought when it first released, only for it to go F2P later. I've not played enough to get too far into it with amazing wings sadly. I think mainly bc I didn't enough playing this alone.
  14. How is it free on PC but not on console?
  15. I would recommend getting an Elite controller. I use it over my Scuf.
  16. Yessir, yesssirrrr! Glad to see you put an app in!! We were just talking about it I feel like lol. Best of luck my guy!
  17. Just snagged an Elite.. they are great. Didnt think there was much difference, now I wouldnt use anything else.
  18. The elite is cheaper too especially if you try to add the features the the elite has to a scuf or a cinch your at around $215 without the shipping costs and an elite brand new is $125-$150 even the new one was what like $175
  19. I played it for a bit... quit... didn't even get halfway to max. 😕 The PvP wasn't... really that great :c
  20. I'm always willing to wait for a better quality game since nowadays they seem to be more focused on rushing content just to make money. I agree with Fallout 76 but at least they acknowledged their mistakes and appear to be doing massive game improvements.
  21. I've had and used the Elite controller for 3 years now and it still looks and functions like its brand new. Sits comfortably in your hands and the thumb-sticks have a great grip to them that has yet to deteriorate for me unlike most other controllers. As for using a SCUF on PS4, they are nice but I've already had to replace the thumb-sticks twice on them in less than a year. I have no experience with cinch so can't say anything about them.
  22. Thanks y'all! The Elite controller is definitely on my radar after seeing E3.
  23. I played it on PC once but really wanted to try it on console.
  24. I agree with Savior. The elite is much better for xbox than any other brand. If you were on ps4 then sure I'd try out either a scuf or cinch, but xbox Elite is much better
  25. I will say that, even if vVv Gaming does not offer the gamertag on the back you can walk into any local screen printing shop and have it done. My suggestion would be to get it heat transfered on with vinyl rather than having them screen print it. the cost of screens for a single print project is pretty expensive.
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