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  2. Oh! I never saw this... Oof on me. Welcome! Hope you stay active, like really active, though I'm the one to talk. Bahahaha. Hope all goes well for you and you join.
  3. I wouldn't mind red being in it as well. Would look very good, unless it's a custom thing. Though will be getting them.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Go to the Activision site and log in through whatever system you play on. Go to your profile and click the basic info tab and you'll see your Activision ID. You can change it to whatever you want and that is how your name will appear in game.
  6. For me it was Super Mario Bros on the NES, I was a year old when I played it. Ever since then, I have been playing video games. Though my dad never thought to push me to be a pro gamer, though he said he regrets not doing so.
  7. Huh? I don't know how to even check for that... 🤔
  8. Started with Mario Kart n64 when i was about 5 years old or younger. Absolutely loved it and continued playing various games with friends however from a Competitive standpoint I started with Halo3 and GOW1 =D
  9. Since next weekend marks the open beta for all platforms I'd like to get anyone who is planning on playing to post their Activision ID here so we can all add and play with each other regardless of what platform we play on. MIne is vVvHoagie#1545129
  10. Last week
  11. I'll triple check but black and white colors" hoodies and t shirts. I believe the final design post is on the site, believe all we were trying to decide was what goes on the back. I'll triple check on all of it.
  12. Glad all is well! Ready to get this community full of active people again!
  13. You don't have to be on the site 24/7, I'm not. Say hi in the SB, or post a topic about a game you're playing and want to get others in with you. Also, if you play with other apps it helps me gauge who really wants to be here and who doesn't. I rely on your feedback, I want you on discord and here, again not 24/7 on the site but saying hi in the SB and replying to someones post if it interests you is not too much to ask.
  14. It's not really that hard, won't feel like much effort at all if you're interested in being here! What I did to help out when I first got back was to mark everything as read, that was I wasn't combing through old conversations. Create a couple topics of your own of stuff you want to talk to the community about, and reply to new stuff as it pops up! We got a nice update from Exo and we are getting close to going live with some new merch, and that's some of the value these forums still provide. :] I'd hate to see somebody interesting in joining the community walk away. We should get some RL games in soon! :]
  15. Glad you're back and ready to go! Do we have any projects or anything coming up to attract new people or generate buzz about vVv in general? Is there anything you guys have in mind you'd like us members working towards other than playing together? :]
  16. Did we finalize designs and colors and whatnot? I'm definitely interested but would like to see what kind of options we have first. :]
  17. I can't really focus a lot of time here though. I have classes and collegiate teams to manage. Plus I'm one of the head admins for CRL this fall. Forums like this are ancient to me. I haven't been involved in one since the HaloTracks forge days in Halo 3. Discord has taken their place in each and every one of my communities. Kinda seems like you're just holding a tree together by holding two branches that don't necessarily connect. I miss vVv, but if I have to jump thru all these hoops and months of waiting to get a membership interview, then maybe it's not for me. Big rip, you guys were set up to do amazing things in the RL and esports scenes.
  18. Application accepted! Welcome to vVv Gaming!
  19. Application accepted! Welcome to vVv Gaming!
  20. I'll probably grab a shirt and a hoodie. XL or XXL
  21. Wait... a new GRAW is coming out? What? Did I miss something? Why I haven't heard of this?! Oh lawdy. Also, I've been playing GoW5 and will be playing the PC beta for MW.
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