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  2. I wanna play it, but I'd be on the Box, I have been seeing good things.
  3. Anyone have it? I’ve got it on PC, great game. The game has a Diablo vibe. Would love some peeps to play with.
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  6. Seeing old members coming back makes my heart happy! So glad to see you back!
  7. TumTum!!! So glad you’re back bro, I’ve always felt the same way about you. Thank you my friend!
  8. Welcome back man! I saw you’re already in the discord, hope to see you around more often!
  9. Man cant believe my account was still active it's been 10 years since I left vVv. Good to see exodus move up in the ranks always been a good dude. Anyways just wanted to say hi and say the website looks good.
  10. Look at this guy. Exodus is the boss now huh, congrats
  11. Glad to see what's in the works. And I look forward to seeing it all in action. Let's get this show on the road 💪
  12. I'll probably get the new xbox, I like the look and while I do agree PC is master, not all games are available and/or have a big enough player base to fully switch over for myself. If CoD stays with Playstation I may grab that instead. I'm just not a fan of the size and setup of the controller.
  13. Lol make it 3 and we can all be super happy.
  14. I have it on Xbox and was really confused on what to do lol ran a few games and haven’t touched it since then. I will be downloading it again.
  15. I have it on Xbox but I’m down to get it on PC. I can easily run it. I’ll get it tonight :-)
  16. I have it on Xbox but I’m down to get it on PC. I can easily run it. I’ll get it tonight :-)
  17. Oh Snap!!! NERD! I am just as excited. Would not be here doing this without having met you and Tib! Im working on getting better at being active on the forums and discord. I am really bad at it thought.
  18. Hey everyone, I have really been getting into Siege lately. It's a fantastic game, with a lot of skill potential mixed with a ton of fun. Looking to find some people that have it and want to play on PC. Form a team so to speak. If interested, hit me up here or on discord. Would love to get some people together for this and see what we can do. Let's have some fun and make some waves in the Siege world. Peace, Vishouss
  19. We will brother, all of us have jobs, families etc, sometimes that gets in the way. We’ve got a solid plan now, got some accomplished first year not near as much as I wanted to , year 2 is going to be the year we rise like the Phoenix from the ashes!
  20. Super excited for this! I'll be keeping an eye out for how this team grows.
  21. Orrr you could get 2 Xboxs and send one my way.... lulz
  22. I wanted to hold off on the Xbox, (trying to adult and spend wisely), however my XB1 is a first gen and not sure how it is still going today. I am starting to see signs of aging on it now so I may have to get the new Xbox sooner than I planned.
  23. I don’t want the Xbox, I need the Xbox.
  24. It’s gonna take time but i know we can get it done. vVv all the way.
  25. JOE BEANS!!!!!!!! Gah!!! I couldn't be more excited to see this application!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know the drill, stay active on the forums when you can, be present on the discord when possible, and most importantly....HAVE FUN! I cannot wait for the rest of the community to get to know JOE JOE BEAR! lol ❤️
  26. Welcome and good luck on your app! I see you being very active in our CoD community in Discord. Make sure to transfer that same activity to the forums as well I hope we can play CoD sometime so we can get to know you!
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