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  1. Yesterday
  2. Right! good to see people returning though! Thanks! Glad to be here!
  3. Welcome back! There’s quite a few of us returning recently haha.
  4. I am about to start my yearly rewatching of Merlin!
  5. I am coming back to vVv with SC2 as well if you still want to get this up and running again!
  6. Hello! This will be my third time coming back to the vVv forum but the last time i was here was back in 2013! It has been far too long to stay away and though i would check the website out and got me missing all the good ol SC2 days! I am looking forward to coming back to see how vVv has grown and where i can grow with it! I currenlty still play SC2, LoL, Total war Three Kingdoms and Elite Dangerous are my main game focuses at the moment. Steam: Rd_Ambush_7 Blizzard: vVvAmbush#1735 Elite Dangerous: Raikato League: vVvAmbush
  7. Last week
  8. Don't worry. Those of us with the Horde calling will prevail again! I promise
  9. As much as it pains me to roll an Alliance character I will do that later today.
  10. I was really getting into Agent Carter but it’s discontinued 😭
  11. Glad to see you apply! I hope we can get some WoW in together.
  12. Letterkenny on Hulu. Canadian humor is just something else lol.
  13. As far as I remember it is still installed on my PC in America. So in a month when i return, count me in!
  14. Thanks! Its been a while man! I've been doing well, hope you've been good.
  15. Welcome back, Havik! Hope all is well with yourself. Best of luck on your app.
  16. Glad to be back, I missed being a part of this community.
  17. I know lol. Better later than never,
  18. Glad to see this! Old vVv member here, great guy. This app will be a accelerated.
  19. About damn time you applied! lol welcome back
  20. It's possible. I tried to play with as many people in vVv as possible and was at every CGN I could make.
  21. i think we've played together before lol back in Cod:bo2 welcome back
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