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Rise from bronze to silver



blog-0107324001397189375.jpgHello everyone, my name is Hinao. I used to be a vVv member but decided to leave until I hit gold. Thus began my journey to rise like never before. It turns out I was able to clime out of bronze 4 and into silver 4. There are a few tricks that I have noticed will get you the most out of the game and rise as well. Now I am a low elo player as well, so my advice is mostly basic things that get overlooked sometimes. So, if interested please read ahead ^^ Also I plan to do this about once a week, for new advice/skills as well as more in depth guides for each lane.

1. Teamwork op.

Now, I know you've seen the video and understand it. As well as how frustrating it is when you have toxic members and afks etc. I have about 50/50 for games. 50 good/decent team mates, 50 toxic. Now this isn't anything about skill, but personality. Remember that every single player is a real person. They could have a bad day maybe their a bit off their usual game. Have you ever noticed a game where someone was raged at and they did well? Didn't think so. Say they give up first blood, or miss an obvious play as hard as it is help them. Tell them 'Hey, when I use my ult go in.' 'Gota put wards up more. :)' By being helpful, you'll 90% of the time make them want to play the game better. If you want to test this out, just think about any game you have been in. When you were raged it, I bet you felt down and wanted to surrender. Though when a team was more 'It's ok we'll come back don't worry' you wanted to keep going. The golden rule, treat those like you want to be treated. Also at the start of each game I say something like this; 'Hi, lets not rage this game. We all know it doesn't help anyone and none of us are pro here. So lets have a good game and have fun' ^.^

2. Lanes/Champions

For this I'll go through each lane and a bit of advice for choosing a champ. Also I follow meta most of the time so nothing will be that out of the ordinary.

2A. Top lane.

Top lane used to be my main, so I'll start with it. Now, top lane falls into two categories. Tanks and bruisers.

Tanks are your front liners, the ones who will take an ult for you and who can carry with not much damage. As a top you will have a few jobs. Most of the time you have the engage. So once you go in, then the team should follow. Most of the time, a lane with a tank vs tank, you'll be in a farm lane instead of a kill. Bruisers on the other hand are fighters and need to be so. Bruisers tend to have more cc and need to get damage out quick. Though they do more damage they lack the tank, so they usually won't hold a front line as long. Make sure you're last hitting is up to par for your champ. Simply since both have a lot of health and armor, it's a waste to fight alone. Remember though, if you want to help the team roam. Roaming to mid can make or break a game. If you get the kill it can be worth it, though if failed your opponent top can get a lot of free farm for no cost..

In team fights, you are the front line. Your job is to do mostly two things. 1. Defend you're damage dealers. Since you have the armor, you are their shield. They rely on you and vice versa. 2. Engage. Most top laners have some kind of engage that will grab someone out of place. Don't hesitate.

Now for champs of top. Personally this is my list: Darius, Olaf, Malphite, and Wukong. As you can see, I prefer tanks over bruisers. Tanks allow me to stay in a fight without much fear of damage since I can take it. As well as having a good amount of cc and team fight capabilities. Darius, flash E is risky and costly but can lead to high rewards. As well as his q and ult work well in team fights. Olaf, his axe to slow and his ult to run to their back line. Since he can't be stopped by any cc. Malphite, q for slow and his ult is a team fight wonder. One of my personal favorite against jax as well. Wukong is my one good bruiser. Since he can shred armor and escapes from ganks well, I play a bit passive until team fight. Then his clone and ult are a powerful combo. Remember though, these are only champs I recommend. Everyone has their own playstyle.

2B Mid lane.

My main and personal favorite lane.

Mid lane has two types. The AP melters and the AD/AP assassin.

We'll go through ap melters first. These are the ap ones who tend to have a lot of skill shots. Who start to chunk away from someones health before throwing every spell to melt their health in the blink of an eye. At the beginning of a game, cs and harass is what ya need to do. Personally I prefer to attack minions and use skills for harass. This allows me to save up mana for when it needs to be used. If you use your abilities to cs, you'll run out to soon during early game. You are most of the time useless without it, any skill to escape from ganks or fight is an easy kill. So though you may get pushed a little use abilities for harass. Since they will have to b letting you free farm for a bit. When you start getting items and some mana to spare, clear waves and harass even more. Champions in this category should be ones who have a good amount of cc and poke.

Now the assasins. They have the basics of any other mid. Harass and farm, though their play style in team fights is much different. Assassins more than anyone need to be quick to act. As they are the ones who will jump on anyone who is out of place. As they tend to have good escapes, you have to be risky to get any use from them. Going through jungles and roaming are your strongest tools. Against any ap you have a good advantage when roaming. Since they can't get a tower as quick, you can roam without to much risk as well, if they roam you can take a tower quickly. However, the catch is that you will need a catch. Ap champs can usually just poke down someone, you can loose your health bit by bit until it's to dangerous to stay. Making you b and loosing out on a potential team fight.


AP Kayle, Zigs, Annie

These champs are good picks if you want simple champs to use. Kayle is a monster late game, as well as stopping most assassins thanks to her ult. Zigs clears waves and does massive damage with just a few quick q's. Annie, my personal favorite. Her q gives mana back on minion kill as well as her ult/stun make the other team cry :D

Assassins. Zed, leblanc.

I prefer ap instead of assassins but these two do what you could ask for. CS, Roam, Kill, Win. These two champs also have great escapes should things go wrong. From zeds shadows to leblancs clone.

2C Jungle.

A mixed bag of fun, as well as the most diverse of the roles. From ap as Fiddlesticks, to tanks like ramus. Whatever your play style is, you can find it in the jungle. Honestly this one I may wait until next week to give it a good and detailed explanation. So tune in next week for jungle advice.


Farm farm farm farm farm farm farm farm BF farm farm farm farm BT. :P It seems that way as adc, you're csing can't be lacking here at all. If your poppet gets even a few cs ahead, it's one of the hardest to get back ahead. Due to the strength of the items adc gets, it tends to be he who gets a BF sword first wins. You are also a glass cannon. You tend to do a lot of damage and as long as you stick to the back line, you can wipe out a team. This is due to being able to get out quick auto attacks that don't require much skill to land. The skill comes from dodging enemy skill shots and staying safe. Your best bet here is champs with some kind of escape, as well as some kind of dodge or shield.

Champions: Lucian, jinx, cait. Lucian and Cait have strong escapes and dodges that allows them to be safe. Jinx though no escape, her chompers allow it.

2E Support

Hi, you're last pick. Welcome to the land of support :D Actually due to the changes in supports, it's not a role people force on others most of the time. Though the adc does the damage, you make the plays. Supports are the ones who have the cc that makes you want to punch a computer. From blitz hooks to morgana roots, it's a hell of a bot. Remember your job is to set things up and let your adc farm. If your adc gets caught then it's your job to help them, if the chance of them getting out or turning it around are strong enough. Though don't let the 'support' name fool you, they can carry a game just like any other role. I believe now that supports are play makers more than the adc. Due to them usually having so much lockdown, they can turn around a loosing battle. If you don't mind spending a bit of gold on wards, you'll like this role.

Champions: Morgana, LuLu, Thresh, Leona. Each of these champs have one thing in common, team fights. Their ults are used to save a carry or lockdown the opposing team. Your job is to know when it's time to go in, or better yet make it time. Morganas ult/flash zhonyas takes a bit of time to get, but it does quite a bit of damage as well as a good team fight starter. Thesh hook and flail combined can throw a lot of enemies off. As well as his ult can focus the other team to stay trapped or take high damage and slows. Leona, a lock down nightmare. A persona favorite of most people since how tanky she can be, as well as how long her lockdowns are. LuLU is a bit different. Her ult is to save more than fight, the knockup comes in handy but the health and now giant team member are more of a threat.

So, I hope you enjoyed reading this. Next week I will be going over the jungle. The biggest thing is remember this is a game and have fun. ^^ Though kicking ass is always a bonus too :P


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