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EQN Landmark Adventures #1

vVv Bagzli


Alright so I've never written a blog before, and I wanted to do one to talk about landmark. With NDA being lifted so early into Alpha being released I just could not resist sharing my thoughts, opinions and creations! So lets get started.

First off I purchased EQN Landmark (I know it just wasn't obvious enough), and I bought the Trailblazer package (Yeah I want my name in the credits, can you blame me?). Downloaded the game installed it, clicked play and bam a video. The video was about 20-30 minutes long and it was talking about how alpha works and how there will be glitches and how we should tell them about it, etc... All the standard alpha/beta release stuff.

So game finally started and I'm looking at my claim item. Says to place it anywhere on the map. Except the entire map is covered in red indicating there are no available claim spots. Alright, server switch time, off to courage server! So here I am finally found myself a nice hill. I find that building stuff on a hill is much better. So I finally claim a hill for myself and I start thinking what can I do with all this space. And then it hits me, a castle! (Original I know, thank you I am quite proud of the idea. Nobody is going to think of that!)

Ok, jokes aside, I need to start small so I can learn all the mechanics and all the stuff that I can do and I think castle will be a perfect learning curve. Alright so I've spent next few days mining and building the outer wall. I've also spent quite a few hours cleaning up my entire box of anything. You can see it in the image below, I have all that empty space to use.


Something I didn't really think about but when I dug it all up and felt really happy about it, I realized I can't get out... Luckily I had just enough materials to build a way out. You can see the stairwell in the image above.

Well that is it for now. Will keep you updated on my progress with the castle. I'm thinking of building giant wooden doors like Mordar has in Lord of the rings and have some big bulky quaggans from GW2 pull the gate just like the mountain trolls. What do you think?

Until next time


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